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Marrying science and art, he has created a variety of species of beasts.
Humans are the ultimate invasive species with an appalling record of exploitation and destruction.
Their behavior--unless that are an alien species trying to gain a foothold on our planet--is completely unacceptable.
In general, whining seems to be the defining characteristic of this species.
But he did discover what he thinks is a new bird species, a honeyeater.
Species are going extinct at rates equaled only five times in the history of life.
The flapper skate and blue skate really are different species.
Researchers have recently discovered four new chameleon species, which rank among the world's tiniest reptiles.
Often several species of fruit flies mill about the same location.
As it turned out, the spotted hyena is a hardy species which was widespread during the oscillating climate shifts.
Many of the new species are isolated to a single river or a side of a mountain, for example.
They have shown that all human beings are incredibly similar genetically-much more so than other species of large mammals.
Blood transfusion was thus an abomination, broaching deep fears about the pollution of the human species.
Groups of greenhouses could grow together to form extended habitats for other species of plants and animals.
As a species, such candidates do have certain intrinsic disadvantages.
To an environmentalist, half an endangered species is an extinct species.
But perhaps such a calling has less to do with making money than, say, propagating the species.
Capital punishment is, in a way, a species of killing the incurable.
As a species, humans have an unprecedented knack for finding patterns and reading intentions.
Bacteria spread antibiotic resistance to other bacteria, even bacteria of a different species, by genetic transfer.
There's room for lots of species in the web ecosystem.
Indeed managing moorland for grouse shooting has almost certainly saved the species itself from extinction.
Cross-species comparison also shows how species differ, and thus how they have diverged.
But it is possible to use the weights and bone sizes of existing species to make mathematical models of the relationship.
It is expensive and can be of dubious scientific value, since different species often react differently to the same procedure.
People have power over animals, so they use animals to help their own species.
The relentless destruction of their tropical-forest habitat has endangered their entire species.
In these species, males' testosterone levels increase in the spring, to promote aggression against potential rivals.
Cows are seen so infrequently that they might be imagined to be an endangered species.
The species is frequently used in stir-fries and is often added to soups.
Voracious, venomous lionfish are the first exotic species to invade coral reefs.
Polar species heat up one of paleontology's great debates.
The spotted owl crystallized the power of the species-protection law.
Huskies and malamutes are different breeds, of the same species.
So basing judgment of species on even dramatic differences in appearance doesn't work.
It's easy to study the diversity of species here in part because there aren't all that many species to see.
But your activities are hurting your own species in the long run.
Tastes differ not only between species, but between animals of the same species.
Yet this bony protrusion at the end of the lower jaw is not seen in any other hominid species.
Thank you for your diligence for the preservation of one of the last large feline species.
They fragment ecosystems, send species into extinction and may even trigger earthquakes.
It has been encountered in a range of animal species, including chimpanzees, but had never been previously shown in elephants.
About a century after the trout, another nonnative species arrived in these quiet waters: the ski boat, so help us.
Later, the species concept changed, specifying that two organisms should be capable of breeding.
Discovery has implications for conservation and management of the iconic species.
As the world warms up, some species cannot move to cooler climes in time to survive.
Some experiments can disquietingly blur the line between species.
Parrots are not equally vocal, and many species likely imitate for different reasons.
In his time certain species of moths were light in color.
It's a fairly common practice to help certain endangered species in the wild by providing them with extra food or prey.
One of the risks in writing about endangered species is concentrating too much on the cute ones.
Critics of this view will point to such things as species loss as a measure of our destructive tendencies.
Each pond often has a unique array of species, from plankton to fish-even if it was created by scientists.
The newly discovered crocs were originally suspected to be hybrids of multiple crocodile species.
The science behind moving species under threat from climate change.
After two years, as expected, data showed that the number of birds and other species in each patch was diminishing.
He needed a species that didn't necessarily listen to music, but still had a rich vocal repertoire.
The two populations may even be splitting into two species.
Not many stars can say they have an entire species named after them.
Some teach evolutionary biology as though it only applies to molecular biology-completely ignoring macroevolution of species.
At best, this approach sacrifices a rich understanding of the diversity of species.
Now scientists have measured the real impact of the arrival of this voracious species, and the news is troubling.
The walls are inlaid with fishtanks stocked with exotic, brightly colored species from around the world.
Many of the wildlife species in the park were severely depleted.
Yet life has adapted: fish living a kilometer or more down require only a hundredth as much energy as surface species.
The result, he says, may be an entirely new species.
Many species naturally make small amounts of hydrocarbons.
Currently fungi do exactly this, a vast number of species break down plant material in the wild.
Since wherever that minerals are mined, some people benefit for a while but many species suffer for long.
We can find gene pool contamination even of the wild related species of plants.
It is currently at or near the top of invasive species lists for virtually every southern state.
At long last, the government acknowledges the species is threatened.
The consequence of its spread is reproductive isolation and potentially a new species.
Lice, interbreeding, and contaminants are killing off the species.
From fingers to elbows to chin to forehead, different regions of our skin are dominated by different combinations of species.
For three centuries, scientists have divided living things into tidy species.
The infectiousness of laughter even works across species.
Success in one species doesn't translate easily to any other.
Our species-and individual races-have recently made big evolutionary changes to adjust to new pressures.
Yet it has made that transition: the many infected species are evidence of that.
Extinction comes to species on land and in the sea but not in the same way.
Worse, it doesn't watch for the ant as do local species.
The team found several different species in this location.
Among the first rescued was a brown snake, a species that requires undisturbed habitat.
Any normal species would be delighted at the prospect of cloning.
Aquatic species have recovered, and the fears of economic collapse in this fishing town dissipated long ago.
Then if a product or a compound is determined to be safe in a rodent, another species is used.
Humans aren't the only species capable of forging true and lasting friendships.
Listings of endangered species including their status, range and habitat.
Pathways that contribute to the spread of invasive species.
Many species use shoreline areas for breeding, migration and development.
Provides general resources for prevention for invasive species.
Provides resources for frequently asked questions related to invasive animal species.

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