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Another could be the vast array of specialty plates now available.
Production agriculture experience and/or college level coursework related to specialty crops, vegetable crops.
Editors can search for contributors by region, experience and specialty.
The paper sculptures are created with found specialty papers.
Specialty basils are available at many local nurseries or they can be ordered by mail.
It's a bit circular, but changing or scrapping the system might allow professors more freedom to choose their own specialty.
There are specialty camps where two- and four-legged campers get to stay and play together.
Creativity and theoretical thinking will always be the specialty of humans.
Those board game geek favorites are usually sold at specialty retailers.
Specialty areas of teaching and research are open but must be appropriate to counseling and counseling psychology.
Specialty farming could indeed employ more people, as you suggest.
She ended up with a job at a school that was ranked higher in her specialty area.
The specialty product is viewed by some as a more organic choice than farm-raised pork.
Firms making specialty chemicals are keen to combine technical expertise with low costs and a growing market.
Many clubs, specialty journals, and other fantasy books appeared.
Some of this disputatiousness is the hazard of any professional specialty.
We had to write a grant proposal for a project unrelated to our area of specialty.
However, there are a few local fashion designers and noted specialty products.
Unfortunately, climate scientists have decided to turn their specialty into a religion.
The turtle won this round, once it reached deep water, but about a thousand of its kin lost out to another local specialty.
He majored in electrical engineering, however, and then wound up choosing a biomechanical engineering specialty within that.
National certification in specialty is highly desirable.
The movement toward specialty coffees was taken up by small roasters.
Online daters can find reader polls on favorite dating sites, a breakdown of broad and specialty sites and personal testimonies.
My specialty is really copepods, which are a prey item for krill.
Of course, there are specialty fire alarms for the hearing impaired.
All you'd need to do is provide some sort of proof that you are knowledgeable in this or that specialty.
People sold the local specialty of produce or meat along the road.
They certainly focus on specialty programs and grad programs.
The suds flow freely and the pork knuckle is the house specialty.
In addition, the continental university systems must cease preparing students for a lifelong career with a single specialty.
As a result, maybe rationality has been devalued simply because it is no longer considered a unique human specialty.
Now, one specialty market near me sells it, but it is never sold elsewhere.
Scout around for grants or research support from independent sources in your discipline, region, or area of specialty.
Depending upon your field and your area of specialty you might be able to consult with businesses or nonprofit groups.
Not doing anything strenuous is a particular specialty of mine.
There is not much teaching going on in the summer, particularly in my specialty.
Of course, your area of specialty will be important as well.
Hiring a lawyer, with a specialty in labor law, isn't a bad idea.
Record of presentations and/or publications in area of research specialty.
What you want to say might actually be of interest to an audience wider than those in your specialty.
Big farm breakfasts-especially biscuits and gravy-are mandatory, and tangy fried apple pies are a regional specialty.
The plain wooden tables in the cavernous, heavy-beamed main dining room were filled with connoisseurs of the house specialty.
As with any medical specialty, psychiatry is both a science and an art.
My company's primary customers are big corporations in the biofuel and specialty chemical industries.
Of course, picking an advisor means picking a specialty.
They have crossed into his specialty in their attempt to discredit evolution quite frequently.
That's because they devote their entire existence to the pursuit of their specialty.
New editions come out periodically, but it is a pretty standard specialty dictionary that every lawyer has in his or her library.
His specialty is bilking governments via the types of companies mentioned.
It is given to few intellectuals to invent an important new branch of their specialty.
Traditionally, physicians have practiced either alone or in small partnerships with a single specialty, such as cardiology.
Another type of guest lecture occurs when you give a presentation on your particular interest or specialty.
The tricky part with doctors is that, depending on his specialty, there may not be that many engravable things that he can use.
For decades no debate existed among specialty roasters.
Few specialty roasters leave significant moisture in their coffee.
We can add together residential building construction workers, residential specialty trade contractors, and real estate workers.
Peters' specialty is the time-honored technique of affectionately observing cultural differences.
And he'd picked up a few copies of the latest specialty magazines.
These conditions create a strange medical specialty.
Once a back-room specialty, energy trading is now center stage.
His specialty is experimental nonlinear physics, investigating how and why patterns emerge in interacting particles.
His specialty was devising new trading strategies for particular financial instruments.
Nearly every investor develops a personal method or specialty.

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