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They put a specially reinforced jumbo-sized mirror into the elephants' enclosure.
Each edition is specially adapted reflect the lives and cultures of kids living in that area.
Researchers say that a specially designed device should be able to draw power from a strong magnetic field permeating a room.
The genes specially selected from the spiders are the silk-making genes.
Some application procedures can take a long time, specially from overseas.
Polyurethane and a five-millimeter-thick silicone skin, soft and specially colored, cover a metal skeleton.
The program provides participants with specially formatted links and photos, which they can include on their websites or blogs.
My dogs are specially bred for incontinence, copious shedding, and body odor.
It was a specially processed form of ground charcoal.
Dealing specially with the origin of plays and with the first actors, he began by defining a play.
Preliminary experiments in rats suggest that the bacteria can be steered toward tumours using specially designed magnetic coils.
They spend their days sleeping in the sun on their own specially made platform.
As it rises, it turns specially designed wind turbines and produces electricity.
To milk mice, the research team had to anaesthetize the rodents and use specially adapted pumps fitted to their tiny teats.
Specially if you are criticizing other commentator's free and honest opinion.
Bumping uses kinetic energy to open a lock with a specially cut key.
The collection, though not a specially large one, was noteworthy because of its peculiar features.
Specially the parent of those who died on the accident.
As mangrove forests shrink worldwide, a menagerie of specially adapted animals that depend on them are at risk, too.
The fluke wore specially large, one being brought in that was twenty-three inches long.
To reduce the wear-and-tear of constant travel, a specially converted aircraft helps them to catch up on sleep.
Erica measures snowdrifts with a ruler near a wooden fence she specially designed for her project.
Therefore, before extraction of energy, a natural fuel needs to be specially prepared by the new method of division of matter.
They have specially designed feet and a unique running style that keeps them from sinking.
Lively text and specially commissioned illustrations capture the irresistible lure of the sea.
Also trains run on specially engineered tracks with only gentle gradients.
Some corals have been transplanted directly onto the bars, attached by wires or wedged into specially designed spaces.
The machine can be steered anywhere on a specially designed surface.
The jacket is being grown inside a specially designed bioreactor that acts as a surrogate body.
Specially prepared straw torches are used to drive away evil spirits.
All are specially outfitted, not with weapons but with scientific instruments.
The unusual shower arrangement may have been rigged by local firefighters specially for summer refreshment.
If you had a specially prepared bathtub, the answer would be yes.
Some companies employ specially trained bear watchers to shoo the animals away.
Thus their control may improve the memory specially when glycemia is controlled.
Crew members in a specially equipped raft tethered to the shore paddled out under me.
None of them is specially characteristic or adds anything of great intrinsic value.
The acrylic polymers that make up the rink are specially designed to release the chemical lubricant in the presence of friction.
The trunk of trees harboring bee hives were specially marked to indicate ownership.
Specially trained sniffer dogs can smell something on the breath of lung cancer patients.
Some specially tailored games seem to help preserve mental fitness.
He was told that two of the company's trip planners were specially designated to handle renditions.
Flash memory stores data electrically, in specially designed silicon transistors.
The bug mutates so quickly that a new vaccine must be specially formulated each year.
The system starts with a specially designed adapter containing tiny accelerometers, which measure acceleration.
By activating only specific neurons, a specially engineered light switch could limit those therapies' side effects.
When you want to charge your device, you'd wrap specially designed earphones around the tower, multiple times.

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