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Example sentences for specialize

First, certain brain structures-the hippocampus and the amygdala, the brain's emotion center-specialize in remembering.
There are groups that one can contact, that specialize in the sale of these animals.
It's obvious that different brain areas specialize for certain tasks.
If you ask, you will find that mathematicians specialize in one or two particular areas.
There's nothing wrong with a writer wanting to specialize in particular subjects.
Sharing allows members to specialize, so that each job is done more efficiently.
And maybe it wouldn't even be so low-paying: you have wisely chosen to specialize in a growth industry.
Operate in multiple countries and specialize in road cycling and/or mountain biking.
That's your profession, not that you specialize in one thing.
Inhabitants must specialize to survive in these open, nutrient-poor waters-making for rich diversity.
Communities visited specialize in a number of textile arts, including silk felt manufacture and batik dyeing.
The day happened to be one of the extra-hot ones that modern summers specialize in.
Without a healthy population base, societies cannot afford to have their members specialize.
Another answer is that you specialize in goods that people tend to buy onsite.
Colleges, meanwhile, will have more opportunities to specialize.
Most also specialize in other forms of water treatment, such as wastewater treatment or water purification.
Restaurants typically specialize in one type of food.
The chefs specialize in a wide range of tapas, with dishes that highlight a particular region each month.
Low-cost carriers often specialize in keeping their operations simpler and more efficient than legacy carriers.
User community websites often specialize to fill a niche.
Restaurants usually specialize in one type of meat, so look for pictures of the animal you wish to eat before entering.
Call some local travel agents who specialize in cruises and tell them about the type of cruise you are shopping for.
Look at their individual websites to see which areas of time, types of homes or price ranges they specialize in.
Eateries usually specialize in one type of food, often depicted in photographs outside.
Chains of for-profit clinics with doctors who specialize in medical marijuana recommendations.
There are only a limited number of orthopedists who specialize in foot surgery.
The professionals who specialize in restoring these show cars are a small group.
Such receptors are nerve cells that specialize in different senses.
Students start to specialize in one activity even to the exclusion of other pursuits.

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