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Example sentences for speciality

Getting up close and personal with these gentle giants of the deep is our speciality.
It is implicitly bound to the question, whether there exist an elementary speciality called life ort not.
It was at one time believed that plants have the power of imparting their own speciality to their wearer.
Second of all, my study results are from an independent study published by scientists whose speciality is polar bear biology.
There is always room to fit your speciality field into the broader context of the existing narrative.
Who will talk to their peers about you when they hear about an opening in your speciality.
Instead of chasing after the entire body of knowledge, everyone focuses in on their speciality and hones it.
Locally caught seafood is a speciality for lunch and evening restaurant sittings.
The restaurant also offers a variety of sushi and speciality vegetable dishes.
The rooms range from regular hotel rooms to speciality suites, many of which have a fireplace.
Freshwater fish from the lake is the regional speciality, served with locally grown fresh vegetables.
The small, independent speciality stores here sell everything from army surplus gear to tailored suits and designer trinkets.
But there are other intriguing and unusual recipes for this popular speciality.
Zany handbags are the speciality, but there are also beautiful baubles for the minimal chic brigade.
Still, as well as having more growth potential, speciality chemicals were supposed to be less capital-intensive and less volatile.
He has since made a speciality of turning around loss-making steel plants in odd places.
Cruise ships are a particular speciality, and the market is growing.
Disruption and intimidation that stops short of actual violence are becoming their speciality.
It is equally important to look at issues such as school culture, employment prospects and areas of speciality.
But what he really wants is to make stumbling on accidents into a culture, habit, process or speciality.
Creating such traditions has become something of a speciality.
It also implies a solution, which is for the economy to shift towards producing speciality products and services.
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