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When a specialist in any field publishes but cannot be read, others in the same field must rediscover his findings for themselves.
Perhaps because it was close to his beloved mathematics, the specialist field he chose was financial economics.
Contact an advertising specialist for more information.
His specialist subjects these days include global health, alternative energy technologies and evolutionary psychology.
Last summer, the cooperative hired a specialist to manage the cooperative's breeding program.
In order to run a training program, you need to be board certified, to be a specialist in zoo medicine.
But if you want your pick of a broad range of flower and plant forms, try a specialist.
Our veteran space security specialist believes there are several.
As if that were not bad enough, a scandal has escalated over the exchange's specialist firms, which make prices in shares.
There is not even a substantial minority of specialist who say that sea rise is over stated.
Usually museums hire out to specialist companies to mount their skeletons.
If you can't find what you want locally, try a specialist or a mail-order source.
To become a scholar, you must become both a specialist and a generalist.
Anyone who has slalomed through the avalanche of specialist tomes on the crisis will recognise many of his sources.
Readers, please tell us about any other specialist handsets in the comments.
Others wonder whether there will be enough of the specialist chemicals that coat cells.
But it could become a niche product, and the specialist tool of the professional.
There is nothing strange in him telling me to see a specialist.
After that, you can do something to become a specialist and become board certified in zoo medicine.
The specialist's task was not counterbalanced by an equal emphasis on the public role of the philosopher.
The people in this group represent journalism specialist of the highest order who deserve to get paid to write.
And this requires that the specialist have access to an organization.
We might value him or her as a takeover specialist or at a private equity firm.
He is a specialist in research on the psychology of imagination and daydreaming.
The fact that an authors is a good oncologist does not make him a specialist in microwave research.
He admits he is not a climate specialist nor climate modeler.
If you go out of network, for example to a specialist, you will probably not be reimbursed.
Most of the tens of thousands of artefacts are of interest only to specialist researchers.
Still this book, his first for a non-specialist audience, is a profound one.
One such is factoring, in which a company sells its invoices to a specialist lender at a discount to face value.
Yet some specialist private-equity firms have pulled it off.
For those who don't want to expend even that much effort, specialist tour operators offer a variety of tailored packages.
In one, an emergency medicine specialist writes about patients searching for their symptoms online.

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