specialise in a sentence

Example sentences for specialise

The cells of the body specialise at different tasks.
And even biographers specialise in exposing feet of clay.
Rich countries have more of the former, so specialise in traded goods with a high skill content.
Many of the syndicates are ancient and specialise in arcane areas of insurance.
If investors choose sector-focused funds they may want to go with firms that specialise in one sector.
It does not, however, specialise in the motor industry.
Since audit firms tend to specialise by industry, some companies have no choice at all.
If they start to specialise too early, there will not be enough bone cells to heal the fracture.
Second, its firms specialise in innovative, high-value-added products.
They happen when cells specialise so as to become parts of particular body tissues.
Many specialise in making complex and valuable equipment for factories, such as cigarette-rolling machines or printing presses.
And though many private-equity firms now tend to specialise, the world's leading examples are conglomerates of a sort.
Besides such obvious industries as tourism, he says they should therefore specialise in commodities and agriculture.
Business is booming for mould-makers that specialise in car parts and mobile phones.
Even companies that specialise in software development suffer from delays and overruns.
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