special effects in a sentence

Example sentences for special effects

Perhaps moviemakers should study a little bit more about this topic instead of studying special effects.
The same applies to over-the-top special effects in movies.
The actors are the stars, not the special effects guys.
Put your effort into the science, not special effects.
No amount of special effects and computer graphics imaging can compensate for good story telling.
The special effects are more impressive, and the action considerably more intense.
That's a life that needs no aerial combat or special effects to spice it up.
So, he used that movie making magic they call special effects.
No acid trips, no homemade special effects, not a curlicue of camp.
We do an awful lot of special effects now, so the shows take even longer to do.
The futuristic sets were extremely complicated, and special effects kept breaking down.
After all, professional broadcasters rely on digital technology to achieve their impressive special effects.
Anyone here in their caliber as special effects experts, especially with models.
Shows what you can do with almost no budget or special effects.
In the movie industry, special effects and computer-generated imagery are becoming better and more realistic.
Ray's movies inspired several generations of animators and special effects artists.
No fancy special effects, no big set pieces, nowhere to hide behind but the power of the script and the performance of the actors.
Within two years, the company expanded its tour practices with tram rides and staged demonstrations of special effects.
Following a spooky hayride, you will make your way through a winding maze filled with live actors and special effects.
Your experience begins with a hayride through highly detailed scenes filled with live actors and special effects.
Ambient sounds, dialogue and special effects will envelop you.
On the attractions, you'll find plenty of animatronics and special effects.
Maybe the special effects guys should have taken a shot at the screenplay.
When a movie mixes special effects and comedy, comedy loses.
They've even got ready-to-go music, scene-transition clips and special effects to give the video shorts a little something extra.
We improved it, and also the special effects of the film.
Of course each character gets to show a heroism all the more special for being displayed without special effects.
With amazing special effects, it's easy to get caught up in the fantasy disaster epic.
Learn how artists create these special effects without a computer.
Many modelers work on movie sets, building models for special effects.
In this activity, you will start with a photo of yourself and then use imaging software to apply special effects and alterations.
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