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The particular syllable that is to be so distinguished is dependent, needless to say, on the special genius of the language.
Winners are easy to spot, because they are given special green blazers.
Fresh herbs and a special presentation make halibut a casually elegant meal.
Some have chipped varnish off the violins, hoping to discover a special chemical compound.
Everyone has a special song buried somewhere in their memory.
They were discovered to be radioactive, and the resulting vegetable garden provided eaters with special powers.
But one special operations commander thought its organizational structure was kind of brilliant.
If you will be affiliated with a department while you're there, they often have special negotiated rates.
Many of these creatures have special pigment cells called chromatophores in their skin.
In addition to undertaking the one major project, clubs can also host or sponsor special events for extra visibility.
But these approaches require special radio-frequency tags.
But it's silk, especially what's called dragline silk, is pretty special too.
They're not exactly antibiotic resistant, so they don't have any special drug-destroying mutations.
High voltage cables are typically insulated with special water-resistant polymers that have high-dielectric strength.
The ossicles are arranged in a special order to perform their job.
With regard to the special senses, the area for the sense of taste is probably related to the uncus and hippocampal gyrus.
Our concern must be for a special interest group that has been too long neglected.
The effect in fact was quite a special thing and not easily explained.
Its verse is by no means of equal value, and some of it was experimental work by persons of no special poetic talent.
Each period of our national history has had its special challenges.
It was a special age of the insanity of witch-trials and witch-hangings.
And a special license-you must and shall be married by a special license.
Today, more shopping malls and stadium operators are adding more special spaces where electric cars can be parked and recharged.
Will be a standout special-teams player immediately.
That's how much the industry saves every year through special tax breaks intended to promote domestic drilling.
His special talent seems to be his ability to speak to everyone at once.
Within the fastidious world of opera fans, one group deserves special mention.
In this disenchanted world, they re-enchant you, not in a falsely sweet or obvious way but in a special form of enchantment.
Arson investigators have always been considered a special breed of detective.
The billet later is worked into rods, tubes, wires or special shapes for a variety of uses.
Even good butcher shops need to special-order pork knuckle.
Something special that cannot be put into words, that speaks to us as human beings.
And the notion of autistic people as savants or special fixers has been around forever.
He then published two papers on his special theory of relativity giving us a new view of reality itself.
In fact, they possess special skills that allow them to evade both flyswatters and human hands.
He weaves a special magic between an otherwise ordinary jacket using simple words to convey something profound.
We knew they carried genetic material and that the ends of chromosomes were protected in special ways.
Despite his soft life, he suffered for his special status.
There's something special about the ends of the chromosomes that protects them from degradation and fusion.
On a much-too-regular basis, the disease serves me up with a teasing special of the day, or a flavor of the month.
And they certainly didn't see why he should have any special insight into the multi-trillion-dollar subprime-mortgage-bond market.
There is also a special waiting room for chauffeurs, and a private screening room.
Drugs embedded in special polymers can more effectively shrink tumors.
The test normally requires trained technicians to affix a special cap and is not always performed.
Traditionally, a special printer is required to add fluorescent ink, which shines brightly when exposed to ultraviolet light.
Special dyes, known as contrast agents, are often used in medical scans to improve the visibility of internal body structures.
For students with special needs, life after high school is full of possibilities, including college.
And yet that special relationship never seems to materialise.
Below is a listing of all city-sponsored special events.
All special plates have an additional fee collected to cover the costs of production and special handling required.
Some special plates also include a fee that is earmarked for the organization.
Special group license plates are plates that generate funds for specific purposes or honor or recognize specific groups of people.
Do what you must do in any case, but try to represent it as a special favor to the people.
He spoke of school and school days, the friends he'd had, and his special fondness for mathematics and science.
Now people enjoy the ritual to celebrate memorable birthdays or anniversaries or for no special reason at all.
But in general, there really isn't anything special for you to do to help your plants.

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