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Generally speaking, winter squash are for big gardens.
Sea urchins and humans have a remarkable amount in common-genetically speaking.
It could be the start of a new long-term pattern that sees the meadow more in sync, seasonally speaking, with down-mountain areas.
The ancient lamprey had a much larger mouth, proportionately speaking, than modern lampreys do.
Generally speaking, transplanted cougars are unlikely to stay where you put them.
If public speaking doesn't come naturally to you, work on it.
Only one of the economists consistently noted those affiliations when speaking and writing publicly.
Speaking from experience, the biggest problem is that they are simply not sincere in what they tell you or what they do.
Choosing a research topic and finding an adviser are clearly linked, although generally speaking the first precedes the second.
He is also supposed to submit any requests for compensated speaking engagements to the dean's office for review.
On another occasion, the lecturer left a series of slides on an endless loop for the entire time he was speaking.
The students drifted slowly away, speaking softly to one another or on cellphones to friends and parents.
And so, kids were kind of on the table-though not professionally speaking.
They'd beat up kids for speaking their languages, or wash their mouths out with soap.
He hadn't finished speaking when a cracking sound occurred.
Some browning occurs, but generally speaking, this is a blond bread.
And it has a name so long you need to take a gulp of air when you're done speaking.
It probably wasn't weirder than any other year, statistically speaking.
Computers have great trouble deciphering voices that are speaking simultaneously.
Speaking without gesturing is less intuitive and requires more thought.
Evolutionarily speaking, it makes sense that people would approach or withdraw from objects based on their colors.
For years, archaeologists have been speaking the language of astronomers.
Speaking before a packed audience, he encouraged continued investment in and development of new technologies.
Conventionally speaking, insects can't generate enough lift to stay in the air.
Mechanically speaking, silk fibers are as tough as steel.
Mathematically speaking, the system uses trilateration.
Scientists are speaking out about the risks that fracking may or may not pose to drinking water.
Speaking of smoke-filled rooms, back to the election.
The change was an improvement, functionally speaking, for a revolutionary manifesto.
So here are voices speaking alone, speaking personally, yet drawing strength and deriving character from the group.
Cello had finished speaking, and she pulled from her felt bag the old, discolored rosary.
Well-dressed employees walk up and down the stairs, speaking in hushed, respectful tones.
He turned off his signals when she was speaking and withdrew into his own private world.
Otherwise, speaking directly with a farmer or trusted retailer is probably the best approach.
Rhetoric has moved from oratory and public speaking to writing, and to speaking as a preparation for writing.
Strictly speaking, a cake and butter should be given, but it is seldom done.
Tattlers also and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not.
Generally speaking, it cannot be said that he possessed an overscrupulous conscience in literary matters.
The notice may be given when another question is pending, but cannot interrupt a member while speaking.
They think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.
The right method of speaking and pronouncing established by the custom of each particular nation.
Worldly would never dream of speaking to anyone-no matter whom-if it could be avoided.
And speaking of bureaucracy, perhaps the biggest problem involves the laws governing the issuing of new permits.
And now, in a manner of speaking, you can have it in a bikini.
But speaking of the supposed meritocracy: there isn't one.
The island he is speaking of is both the ambiguous place where he has been marooned for years and the stage itself.
She tried to remember whether she was speaking to him or not.
Broadly speaking, there are two ways to build a successful business.
Speaking of a vast wasteland, you might want to start picking out and clearing off a place for our spacecraft to land.
Then he began speaking in public again beginning by giving lectures to small groups of disciples.
It was one of those times when you really notice the difference between speaking and expressing yourself.
But there have yet to be celebrities speaking up for the missing middle.
When they aren't speaking in rhyme, and often when they are, they're making literary allusions.
Generally speaking, writers are somewhat less considerate of each other than that.
Speaking of picking favorites, it's unusual for two films that you star in to come out within two weeks of each other.
Not only can a computer read lips, but it can tell what language you're speaking.
Precisely speaking, they showed that you could teleport all the information contained within a particle.
Scientifically speaking, the prophecies are strictly ballyhoo.
He also watched people moving and turned toward whoever was speaking.
Without it his hand shakes, he cannot eat, and he has trouble speaking.
Such results are clarifying how the brain transforms the intention to speak into the action of speaking.
Generally speaking, they're not interested in blackmail.
Strictly speaking, this is not exactly the golden ratio.
Now you're not speaking as an ethicist but as a skeptic.
The dialogue is brilliant too, with every character speaking and thinking in his or her own idiom.
But meanwhile a voice is heard above these waters, speaking with precision and in tones of quiet reason.
Good people do not, generally speaking, make good subjects for operas.
Logically speaking, the conclusion does not follow from the premise.
Conventional wisdom is that our biggest phobia is speaking in public.
The redundancy of speaking helps raise the actual comprehension however.
Technologically speaking, it is difficult to find anything in railroading that has not changed in the last decade.
There is a tremendous amount of work in becoming fluent at speaking another language.
And that's exactly what's happened, commercially speaking.
Nor is electrical stimulation of the brain, strictly speaking, new.
Meaningful conversations can't occur unless people take turns speaking and listening.
Well, there is a critical factor that is being left out when speaking about exponential growth of technology.
National security restrictions prohibit anyone from speaking publicly about the program.

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