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Yet you can tell they're not native speakers of the language.
When scientists played the songs on underwater speakers, however, other males-not females-showed up.
As one put it, there was altogether too much display of the tops of heads as speakers bent over to read their prepared talks.
Share your photos, hear from speakers and learn about new techniques that may help you capture that picture perfect moment.
For two hours before he arrived, the crowd listened to various other speakers.
Drummond's originality consists in conveying his theme through the medium of a speech not native to the speakers.
Part of the original material was transferred to other speakers or different occasions.
Each of these great speakers has unusual mannerisms that were a part of his style and image.
He follows his model pretty closely, but shifts the names and sometimes makes the two speakers change their parts.
Many departments invite guest speakers to give a talk and spend a day or two visiting as part of a seminar series.
They soon became media darlings, best-selling authors, and busy speakers.
Voice-recognition features compare their pronunciation to that of native speakers.
At a session later in the day, speakers attempted to define the qualities of a truly global university.
It may also have become a tic or a habit for some speakers.
Additionally, after that speaker series is over, contact the people who suggested the speakers and thank them for their help.
If not, they can always import that experience by bringing in guest speakers or studying relevant essays or video clips.
Interestingly enough, this was true even for neonates, their body motions tracked speech patterns of nearby speakers.
For me, it is the computer's speakers that make the noise.
The view that climate change is occurring, to some degree, also surfaced frequently among speakers yesterday.
The researchers found that listeners were less likely to believe speakers with foreign accents.
Tension was evident not only between speakers but also within individual minds.
The current method of summoning help involve speakers constantly blaring loud beeping sound both day and night.
Likewise, cinema convinces us that dialogue comes from the actors' mouths rather than the surrounding speakers.
While the conference lacked some thematic unity, the speakers delivered a range of interesting insights.
Commencement speakers are forever telling you to be yourself.
In the gymnasium where reporters watched the event, the volume was cranked up on the speakers, and her outburst sounded harsh.
There were strings of colored lights, a drummer and a dj, stacks of speakers.
Two hours later, a code-blue call went out on the overhead speakers.
The quality is surprisingly clear for the size of the speakers.
Learning a new language can be rewarding, especially when you are able to make small talk with native speakers when you travel.
Work with any speakers you might decide on to address the group to get a gist of their topic.
At public events, speakers cultivate tones of revenge and disbelief.
The floor was also decked out with lights that flashed from below, and floor-to-ceiling speakers pounded out music.
Chinook-speakers offering guests a lavish meal on windy frontier coasts might be thought of as the bigwigs of local society.
The only thing wider than our budget gap is the distance between tonight's speakers and their plans to fix it.
There's a reason language students go to live in the homes of native speakers.
Speakers present highlights from the preconference workshop.
The speaker that plays music through the droid sounds as good as laptop speakers, not amazing but great for a phone.
It also tests the sound levels in the room and adjusts for noise coming from the television's speakers.
These should be relevant to the motion, the speakers statements or the observations of featured guests.
These should be relevant to the motion, the speakers' statements or the observations of featured guests.
But there is a topic here that both speakers and others may want to explore further.
Both our speakers have plenty of ammunition still to fire.
Speakers came and went, the unsynchronized human microphones throwing back the words in garbled waves.
When speakers adopt a style, they are already saying something substantive.
It is wrong to suppose, he said, that claims about moral rights express anything more than the speakers' preferences.
One way listeners and speakers can improve the reliability of communication is through arguments.
Oddly, they found that monkeys are more likely to run away from the speakers when they belonged to larger groups.
Many people who watched the movie were sure that the speakers were actually saying da, a different syllable entirely.
She pressed play on a tape recorder and the sound of traffic blared out of the little speakers.
It would be greatly appreciated if you could send all the information on all speakers at the same time, in one e-mail.

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