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Example sentences for speakerphone

Record yourself speaking both directly into the phone and via the speakerphone.
The speakerphone and the vibrations are both weak, though.
The battery is good for three hours on speakerphone, and will stretch for a couple of days if you don't use the thing.
The generous keyboard makes for easy pecking, and the speakerphone automatically turns on when you open the brick for a call.
Weak speaker output during both multimedia playback and speakerphone calls.
The ringer is incredibly loud, so you won't miss a call, though the speakerphone could have a bit more muscle.
Tinny speakerphone is a blight on both calls and movies.
The speakerphone option is not be used if an official is on vacation.
Again, that's for drivers talking without using a speakerphone, ear bud or other hands-free device.
Skype users may be upset that it doesn't have a built-in speakerphone, though for the money, it does come with headphones.
Use discretion in answering incoming calls using a speakerphone.
Weekly phone conferences, using a speakerphone, are a huge challenge.
The respondent participated in the meeting by speakerphone.
Public participation in the meeting is limited to the use of the speakerphone in the conference room.
Teleconferences are open to single callers or larger groups sitting around a speakerphone.
Attorneys should also participate via handset rather than speakerphone, when possible.
If using a speakerphone, mute the microphone when you are not talking.
We really appreciate this extra effort to be able to do this by speakerphone.
Hands-free use is allowed via either an earpiece or speakerphone function.
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