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The voice you hear when you speak is the combination of sound carried along both paths.
Movie speak: the way people talk on the sets of movies.
If you try and talk differently, so that the fangs don't rub your lips raw, it changes the whole way you speak.
But recognizing a language and being able to speak it-or cry it-are two different things.
If you speak multiple languages, you might have multiple personalities.
Bonobo's can't physically speak as their vocal cords are different to ours.
Shop flea markets and junk stores for pieces that speak to you.
He suffered a stroke, and became unable to speak or write.
Debates might work better in a smaller group where each student can have their chance to speak.
It's technology that lets you speak your mind-literally.
He heard her speak and accepted her words with favor.
In other words, what you are not speak louder than words.
Scientists say they have discovered the first evidence that chimpanzees speak to each other about objects in their environment.
Teaching a machine to speak has been a dream for decades.
On the odd chance they actually speak face to face to another human being, they're no better.
For anyone who has ever spent time within imaginary realms, the book will speak volumes.
They speak the same language and share the same culture.
Imagine listening to people speak through the din of a seashell's roar.
His films speak of madness on the margins and the grotesque tragedy that accompanies it.
And a donor's stature makes some fund raisers reluctant to speak up, for fear of losing a gift.
Then he dared speak up, to the police and other authorities, demanding to use the new village well.
So, if you speak of either, then you speak from an old point of view.
See her images and hear her speak about her artistic journey from rock music to photography.
And if the lyrics are familiar the stroke sufferer finds it even easier to speak them.
After the teams state their point of view, it is up to students to speak during the debate.
Results, however, could speak to the effects of human encroachment on animal habitats.
Ask your interviewers to identify themselves whenever they speak so you can keep track of who's talking.
Unfortunately, his designated leading opponents are all ghosts from the past, so to speak.
Really appreciate this opportunity to speak with you.
He should have been allowed to speak and forced to defend his views.
Landscapes shape us and speak to us on a primal level.
If you give them the opportunity to speak and let them know you are listening you'll make a favorable impression.
The pioneer primatologist travels the globe to speak up for the captive and orphaned kin of wild chimpanzees.
Science, contrary to popular thinking, has no basis from which to speak to moral issues.
Lisa did not speak to me for the rest of the day, and later in the week she got revenge by flinging peas in my hair and face.
Even if you don't speak the same language as the people you encounter, you'll have their words translated for you in real time.
How to communicate in a foreign land when you can't speak a word.
However, in contrast to those millions of years you speak of, professional therapy is a strange affair.
And whatever you do, don't be afraid to sally forth and speak up.
People need to stand up and speak out and risk losing their job, or sit there and take it.
The result is a robotic face that can speak three languages and carry on a conversation with two emotions: happy and sad.
Proximity creates pressure, as if there may be direct consequences for getting it wrong, so to speak.
When it comes time to speak, the software grabs the appropriate samples needed to piece together new words.
Eventually they babble, and then start to speak, and then you never hear the end of it.
Elsewhere, other linguists are using ultrasound to teach foreign languages and help the deaf to speak.
Put on a pair of headphones and turn up the volume so that you can't even hear yourself speak.
Let them speak: if they speak more or less than truth, they are villains and the sons of darkness.
They are upright as the palm tree, but speak not: they must needs be borne, because they cannot go.
It has been said that when responsible people fail to speak or act, bad things happen.
Watch successful academics speak with television interviewers.
The people you speak with may end up being valuable contacts-or you may only speak with them once.
Your experience, in particular, does not speak for itself.
But the first people to convince are those who actually speak the language.
But once he began to speak, what people sensed was his integrity.
When he did speak, his words were the product of long meditation.
As the human brain evolved, humans were able to laugh before they could speak, according to a new study.
They make patterns and contrasts much more dramatic, which helps readers get the picture-so to speak-quickly and clearly.
Some guests aren't comfortable talking to strangers, especially if they don't speak the same language.
Online, there is another good reason for protecting the anonymous commons: it increases the diversity of people who speak up.
Melding humans and machines to help the paralyzed walk, the mute speak, and the near-dead return to life.
The secret to smooth talking, neuroscientists say, is to not think before you speak.
Thus their growers can live in small groups and speak a language that no outsider understands.
There would be only one catch: each family would speak a different language.
While scientists are genetically modifying the animals to not feel pain, they should also genetically modify the animals to speak.
Glia also listen carefully to their neighbors, and they speak in a chemical language of their own.
The bones of our ancestors do not speak across time with ultimate clarity.
Though barely able to speak, he ordered them to bring five different options for the mask and he would pick a design he liked.
He can't help but speak his mind, out of which spring confounding ideas and conventionally irreconcilable contradictions.
Their movements are in perfect order and they do not speak.
They should follow their consciences and speak freely.
When you try to speak to his parents, he interrupts.
He'll speak for fifteen minutes, then let me question him for a while, and finally will take questions from the live audience.
He forgot how to speak, even behind the jeweled mask of metaphor.
In that way, they suggested, the act infringes the rights of privately funded candidates to speak as freely as they wish.
The metropolitan artist has no dearth of opportunities to see and speak to no one at all.
But the citizens who speak out on these issues are repressed.
They don't even dare to write the facts, don't dare to speak up about it, don't dare to touch it.
These guys have worked out how to measure power differences between individuals using the patterns of words they speak or write.
But consequences and penalties often speak louder than the endless search for a better mouse trap.
Users can type or speak commands in casual sentences, and the software deciphers their intent from the context.
Also the freedom to speak is there waiting for us to come out with it when we're ready to say something.
It has therefore not been possible to speak to them about it.
Before she could speak, the dietician answered the phone.
She didn't speak up about it for a while, because she wondered whether she was imagining the problem.
When she raised her hand to speak, it was in a tiny wisp of a voice.
When the highway patrol came knocking, he refused to speak to them for three straight days.
To be able to speak publicly without needing a speech.
Please speak slowly and clearly as you will not speak to an operator.
Speakers who arrive late at the listening session will not be allowed to speak during the listening session.

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