spatula in a sentence

Example sentences for spatula

Pour the warm mixture on top of the dry ingredients, stirring with a rubber spatula or wooden spoon until well coated.
Afterward, use a spatula to tap the beaker and loosen the lava from its sides.
Granted, on land-where they seldom are-albatrosses walk with a spatula-footed, head-wagging waddle.
He waved the spatula about in grand style as he talked real estate.
When the wet, pulpy sheets shredded in his hands, my father resorted to the spatula he used for flipping pancakes.
You've got to turn the slices occasionally and press the ends down with a spatula to get them to cook evenly.
One day before serving, using a spatula, combine the chevre with the sugar until smooth.
Each time the spatula lifts the food it shifts to the opposite side of the pan.
Drizzle in two tablespoons of olive oil and using a spatula make the mixture smooth.
If fish mixture sticks to grate, use a metal spatula to turn sates.
Using a spatula, take a small amount of icing and insert it down the middle of the bag.
Turn the spatula over to superimpose any material on the side of the spatula in the same manner.
Gently tap the spatula held over the melted salol to transfer the particles.
The dispersant will cover the tip of a narrow spatula as shown.
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