spathe in a sentence

Example sentences for spathe

From its base comes a modified leaf called a spathe.
The bases of the panicle branches are enclosed in an inflated, tawny spathe as long or longer than the spikelet.
The inflorescence is enclosed by a spathe of one or two scale leaves which subtend the first two flowers.
The solitary flowers are borne on stalks that elongate out of a tubular sheath, or spathe, that is borne in the upper leaf axils.
Unlike typical flowers with colorful petals and sepals, skunk cabbage produces a spiral, sculpted hood called a spathe.
The many white flowers are small and enclosed by a spathe.
Its inflorescence is a spadix enclosed by a spathe that resembles a trumpet.
The flowers are enveloped in a large leafy spathe, which ruptures when the flower opens.
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