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It was only the latest in a spate of collapses at the site, which experts say is in critical condition.
Thrill seekers who want to take their camera kit along on adventures have a spate of products to choose from these days.
With publishers looking to cut costs, gamers have suffered a spate of server closures over the last year.
Many of the new spate of pop-econ page-turners reflect the maturation of economics as an increasingly empirical science.
The case is only one of the latest in a spate of similar prosecutions and investigations.
His report sparked a spate of controversy among biblical scholars and archaeologists.
The temporary injunction helped unleash a spate of publicity about what struck many as a unique domain-name fight.
The group has been blamed for a spate of killings in the past month.
Or the spate could have resulted from differences in the way converts understood their new religion.
The emergence of these candidates has coincided with a spate of local disturbances in different parts of the country.
We had a spate of crazy parents, some who would sit in on office hours and fight grade appeals for their kids.
The last five years have seen a spate of such frightening reports, for the incidence of polio has risen sharply.
After all, too much testosterone in the current spate of mergers could cost shareholders dearly.
There is a spate of flotations planned so that these businesses can cut their debt.
The bombs ignited an unprecedented spate of sectarian bloodletting.
The attacks spawned a spate of hoax letters nationwide.
There's no reason this spate of big earthquakes should be happening, but there's no reason it shouldn't either.
The incident is one of a spate of similar disclosures.
But a spate of new studies is chipping away at its mysteries and scientists say the topic is beginning to gain visibility.
In the wet season, with the river in spate, the ferry-raft is unusable.
Winches hoist in aggregates, allowing a spate of road repairs and housing construction.
She consulted a spate of doctors and psychiatrists, who prescribed charity work, bowling and bridge.
Each did a spate of tests and pronounced me an excellent candidate.
In short, the unusual spate of fatal attacks may have been a ghastly coincidence--but that doesn't mean they were entirely random.
The annual spate of press reports about the previous year's global mean temperature got off to an early start this year.

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I have perceived much beauty In the hoarse oaths that kept our courage straight; Heard music in the silentness of duty; ... more
The current flows fast and furious. It issues in a spate of words from the loudspeakers and the politicians... more
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