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Example sentences for spat

But this process has been stymied by an ugly spat over the procedure for raising aid.
Most likely, the licensing spat will be resolved at some point because each party needs the other.
As they walked past, they spat on the incandescent figure.
The spat throughout the thread is hardly surprising.
The differences were bridgeable, but a public spat ensued.
With that spat out of the way, let's move on to more substantive issues.
It may be time to put the spat about craft vs art to bed.
Although the would-be lovers often spat and eventually break up, they can never be entirely free of each other.
Two giddy lovers prance in a tight clinch, separating to spat then clinching again.
He cursed, brayed and spat at them until they covered his face with a surgical mask.
They are designed to protect correctional officers from being bitten or spat upon.
She was with her sister and some friends, but ran ahead of them after they had a spat.
The benches squeaked, and travelers spat in anticipation of a fight.
Nothing could be more detrimental to an ambitious work of history than to frame it in the crabbed terms of a contemporary spat.
But such meagre confidence will be obliterated by any hint of a transatlantic spat.
The other spat out a bullet that had been fired into the top of his head.
The spat reflects growing tensions between the search and auction giants as each races onto the other's turf.
Spat are ready for transfer to culture gear during the fall or spring following the set.
The farmer removes spat from the gear and packs them into a net mesh tube called a mussel sock.
The spat were distributed to the industry that is struggling due to spat non-availability and a few kept for research purposes.
Some spat have been obtained from all these crosses.
Three student lobstermen took part in an experiment to look for scallop spat in the area they fish.

Famous quotes containing the word spat

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So God stepped over to the edge of the world And He spat out the seven seas; He batted His eyes, and the li... more
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