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Coronary artery spasm is a temporary constriction of an artery in the heart.
Whenever he was stuck in a meeting, he'd grip his pen and hold it down on a piece of paper, waiting for the spasm to kick in.
The spasm can slow or stop blood flow through the artery.
If you have peritonitis, touching the belly area may cause a spasm of the muscles.
Some people have muscle spasm and contractions in the tendons.
The muscle spasm and stiffness accompanying back pain can feel particularly uncomfortable.
Calcium blockers seem to be effective in preventing and relieving coronary artery spasm.
In an attempt to stabilize the vertebrae, my back muscles go into spasm several times a year, sending me into bed for days.
The next morning, the marriage comes apart in a spasm of mutual recrimination.
The fish came to my first cast, bending the bamboo rod into a smooth arc and sending a spasm of vibrations up my arm.
Asthma occurs when airways in the lungs spasm and swell, restricting the supply of oxygen.
In older people, the condition is usually caused by a spasm or weakening of the muscles surrounding the lower part of the eye.
Juan, no doubt wearing his gold cross and his piano-keyboard grin, canceled his subscription between the desire and the spasm.
It was experiencing a spasm of virtuous reaction, quite as lawless and ungovernable as any of the acts that had provoked it.
But a muscle spasm is a physiological effect that is not an increase of localized adenosine.
There has been a spasm of political campaigning here, but that will soon end.
Narrowed arteries may suggest cholesterol deposits, a spasm, or inherited disorders.

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