sparkly in a sentence

Example sentences for sparkly

He was beautiful, sparkly and constantly wagging his stumpy little tail.
The battered disk puffed into a swirling, sparkly ball of gas and stars-an elliptical galaxy.
Live, the band is as fluid and sparkly as it can be arid and mopey on recordings.
Wright's iceberg lettuce salad is crisp and sparkly.
Try a matte purple or blue for daytime and sparkly golds or reds for night.
Check out their amazing gallery of sparkly, curvy, freaky creations and get ready for yesterday's tomorrow.
Solar energy put storage in the rechargeable battery by sun automatically sparkly in darkness.
They spin their own sparkly web with glue and glitter.
We gave them gold and silver crowns and sparkly wands.
On her feet were sparkly purple shoes, complementing a pink backpack that seemed unusually stuffed for a kindergartener.
We believe that every holiday snow cloud has a sparkly lining.
Maria looks great in a blue sparkly dress, curly hair.
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