sparkling wine in a sentence

Example sentences for sparkling wine

Then he signaled for waiters to enter with bottles of sparkling wine on trays of ice.
Old-world charm, cozy library, and big buffet breakfasts with complimentary sparkling wine.
Plus you can slide into mud baths and sample our favorite kind of bubbly delight, sparkling wine.
The company visits historic, family-owned wineries, microbreweries and the region's sparkling wine makers.
In addition to sparkling wine and after-dinner ports, diners can share such desserts as banana bread pudding and chocolate tart.
As he spoke, a sign on the window behind him advertised his next event: a holiday champagne and sparkling wine tasting.
Let us, for the moment, return to the birthplace of all sparkling wine.
Champagne, sparkling wine, or drinks mixed with soda get people intoxicated at a faster rate.
The contractor shall provide a minimum of three types of wines to include: white wine, red wine, and sparkling wine.
Conversations are as bubbly as the sparkling wine they are quaffing.
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