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Bring peace of mind to the home by using natural, nontoxic ingredients to make windows sparkle and countertops shine.
His works abound with knowledge, and sparkle with illustrations.
Yet is there certainly no general diminution of sparkle or interest-Times.
Their eyes began to sparkle, and their ugly faces to brighten, with an expression of strange pleasure.
He knows the sparkle of the true stone, and puts it in high place, wherever he finds it.
The water, however, continued to gush and sparkle into the sunbeams as cheerfully as ever.
His honest eyes fire up, and sparkle, as if their depths were stirred by something bright.
Then notice how the soothing palette mimics the sparkle and cool, watery blue of a swimming pool or water feature.
Medium- to coarse-grain adds sparkle and crunch to bread doughs and roasted meat and fish.
Lemon tarts sparkle from every pastry shop window, but tarts with sparkle that's more than glaze-deep are rare.
Everything about these people was overdone, from the timbre of their voices to the sparkle of their jewelry.
Faceted garnets sparkle against a gold-vermeil hoop.
The sands sparkle against a backdrop of towering granite boulders, worn by time and weather.
Sleet rattles the tarp as the storm blots the lights of fishing villages that sparkle from the mainland.
All the buildings are impersonal-the window washers have made them sparkle, but they are identical and forgettable.
When she speaks of this nest she has made for herself, her voice seems to sparkle with enthusiasm.
But there is no denying extra freshness, extra sparkle, to a seasoned observer's first impressions.
His eyes sparkle with commitment to the jockeying and scheming of the corporate world.
What is immediately on offer is more sparkle than substance.
Over the heads of countless mourners, the distant city skyline shimmered and beckoned mysteriously, its sparkle betraying sadness.
The faithful say he has made all this dull stuff sparkle.
Yet it is also more necessary than ever for employees to invest in better skills and sparkle with bright ideas.
Something ingenious and luxuriant-a certain sparkle and frivolity-has gone out of the culture and out of them.
Gold bracelets sparkle in the windows of jewelry stores.
But even velvet can sparkle with the addition of glittery jewelry, which can be less of an investment than a new dress.
On the streets and at this year's auto shows, cars and trucks are showing some of their old sparkle.
As usual his grayish hair is closely shorn, his eyes sparkle, and he is grinning widely.
Still, there's no denying the sparkle in his eyes as he recounts the reaction to his comments.
It has added sparkle to the network's schedule as well.
The palette had rich tones of purple and bottle green, with silver sparkle thrown in.
Jennifer's wearing a silvery two-piece outfit with lots of fringe and lots of sparkle.
They also showed that the sparkle of starlight off oceans looks different from light scattered through clouds.
Sears perks up its profits by putting some fresh sparkle into its stores.
The grains and veins of marble add a sparkle of elegance to a home, and with a bit of care marble looks marvelous for years.
If the amount of dissolved air is low, your water may appear to sparkle or have small bubbles.
Homes sparkle from an inky distance around the foothills.
The clay is rich in mica, which makes the vessel sparkle.
Some have sharp edges and sparkle, others are flat and dull, silky and smooth.
We developed several promotional projects to make the community sparkle.

Famous quotes containing the word sparkle

For a symbol is like a rock dropped into a pool: it sends out ripples in all directions, and the ripples are in motion. ... more
Waves sparkle and delight the weary eyes that never saw the sun fall in the sea nor the bright Pleiads rise... more
He is the essence that inquires. He is the axis of the star; He is the sparkle of the spar; He is the heart... more
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