spark plug in a sentence

Example sentences for spark plug

The fuel is directed straight at the spark plug, rather than at the cylinder wall.
When the piston returns upward in the compression cycle, the spark plug emits a spark to ignite the fuel-air mixture.
If spark plug is wet with fuel, the engine could be flooded.
In a spark-ignition engine, the mixture is ignited by a spark from the spark plug, releasing heat.
Changed the spark plug, filled and run the emergency back up generator.
And you would have the spark plug there for backup, but if you don't need it, you increase your efficiency.
Government is not the answer, but wise fiscal policy-focused on investment-is a spark plug when activity sputters.
In sports, it's good to be referred to as a spark plug.
Unfortunately, increased spark energy negatively impacts spark plug durability and performance as an ignition source.
Spark plug electrode wear may greatly limit the advancement of natural gas reciprocating engines technologies.
The spark plug boot can be removed to view the serial number from the exterior of the blower.
The fire was extinguished quickly with no injury to personnel and damage limited to a couple of burned spark plug wires.
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