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Example sentences for sparing

She was always careful in her dress and sparing of new clothes.
Moderate water helps bloom, but sparing summer water is fine.
Will you at the same time send off the rest to jail in advance of the actual crime thus sparing society the painful episode.
Trust us-by not publishing them here, we're sparing you.
Aside from sparing kids and parents the misery of illness, flu prevention saves money.
Now there's an alternative on the horizon that promises to be safer and cheaper by zapping the germs while sparing the mosquitoes.
They fumigated infected burrows with insecticide, killing the fleas but sparing the gerbils.
But instead of depleting glycogen stores and tiring the muscles, the animals suddenly switch to a glycogen-sparing metabolism.
The articles were serious affairs with thin-lined graphs and a sparing use of color.
Not too frequent or too harsh, but also not too sparing or too light.
It's about sparing me from the intrusion of other people's personal lives.
He is not sparing on the evil legacies of imperialism, when he gets around to them.
He worked with great intensity without sparing himself, and he was respected for this, but no one liked him.
The necessity of complying with times, and of sparing persons, is the great impediment of biography.
Boxing should be banned, sparing us the fodder for future boxing sagas and slow-motion chugs around the ring.
But it is worth sparing a thought for the economics, too.
Rail officials have been sparing in their expressions of regret.
It is a noble and serious house sparing none of its residents the pressure of the nation's day or night.
Frugal often also means being sparing in the use of raw materials and their impact on the environment.
The government is sparing no expense in its effort to locate the ships.
Sparing big chunks of education spending from the axe hints at the political obstacles ministers will face in the years ahead.
The government may have to be sparing in its application of shutter control to avoid losing and having its legislation overturned.
Of course development does not mean no sparing, and neither does it means unrestrained consumption of any goods available.
However, the storm turned to northwest away from the coast, sparing it from the fiercest winds and heaviest winds.
Surgery techniques have improved since the study began, and nerve-sparing approaches to minimize side effects are more common now.
After years of sparing the morphine, doctors see that better pain relief means a faster, cheaper recovery.
We have a president who is making war at will and sparing no one in the process.

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