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In his spare time he volunteered as a reserve police officer for the city.
Whatever you do, please spare us the righteous indignation in the comments.
Managing operations such as replenishing stock or delivering spare parts can be outsourced too.
The money was hidden in a spare tire attached underneath the truck.
In his spare time, he has traveled to all seven continents.
To spare you is no profit, to destroy you is no loss.
The bathroom is spare and airy, with blue-green tile on the walls and heated tile underfoot.
It was placed on the underside of the car in the wheel well that holds a spare tire.
In his spare time, he practices judo and gardens organically, and he has started a local-food project in his neighborhood.
Spare a thought and shed a tear, though, for those working in insurance.
The goal was to spare the vulnerable hatchlings an encounter with the oil.
Engineers are now testing computers, phones and cars that sense when you're busy and spare you from distraction.
Preserving summer-ripe fruits sometimes demands more time than anyone can spare.
We all have a spare keyboard and mouse lying around.
Since many of their living expenses are taken care of, they have cash to spare.
Once the spare capacity in the economy is exhausted, inflation will pick up.
The need to carry a spare is eliminated, further reducing weight.
Let them wield the scissors and spare me this ignominy.
Take a look before you start your fall planting, and you may spare yourself some grief.
Those companies that find they do not have enough must either cut emissions or buy spare allowances from others.
Be sure to pack plenty of water and a spare tire, as roadside services are minimal.
Let us spare ourselves a lot of pointless bafflegab.
They hide where food comes from and spare diners from the realities of food prep.
Channel the spare beauty of fall with striking arrangements for your holiday table.
Designed with upgrades in mind, with a spare drive bay available.
Along the back you'll find a pocket that's ideal for small essentials and even spare change for the snack bar.
Spare parts mean more weight, more expense and less science.
With a few spare shapes, he conveys an instantly recognizable image.
In busy times, it takes a certain combination of inspiration, spare time and a little cash to stop dreaming and start making.
With all these people throwing their spare won into the collection plate, mega-churches have become big businesses.
Zip-closed pockets are the perfect place to keep goggle cloths, keys and spare change for a chocolate bar when the day is done.
These cells are a potential source of spare neurons that researchers might use to replace damaged brain or spine tissue.
Montague could simply hold the proper end of the car aloft while someone else attached the spare.
It was constructed from the spare parts of mightier cousins.
But producers were pumping flat out, leaving little spare capacity.
At best, though, the treatment would spare vision but not restore sight that has already been lost.
The phone doesn't charge from a bike dynamo, sadly, but that grey slab is a spare battery.
Secretaries should be filing in their spare time, nurses can do delayed paperwork and so forth.
As fuel and spare parts disappeared, so did vehicles, until the only way to travel was on foot.
In his spare time he has traveled to all seven continents.
The companies, for their part, insist that their messenger had a few minutes to spare.
There is ample spare capacity and thus little chance that inflation will take off.
New devices may spare patients from monitoring their blood glucose.
Soft mesh carrying case for headband and spare earbuds.
Those with spare cash, including companies, are clinging on to it as a hedge against an uncertain future.
In fact, its simple design means that it can actually be made by anyone with a few spare parts and some welding gear.
Last month they averted a government shutdown with barely an hour to spare.
But founder mutations often spare their carriers and therefore can.
With only an hour and a half to spare before the event's wrap-up ceremony, we've finished the entire hunt.
He had promised to spare nobody and nothing in tackling organised crime.
As they do so, finding spare land and increasing the efficiency of farming will become ever more important.
Some bosses may be tempted to axe maintenance work-and workers-altogether, because they have plenty of spare capacity.
History clearly shows that such system will spare nobody.
The theory is that a major eruption could release it, spreading a lethal cloud across the city that would spare no one.
The graphic design on the shipping material is spare and elegant.
Unless tamed, the conflagration might not spare anybody.
Use any spare time to get out and look for photographs.
The trick is whether your neighborhood gets rezoned while you still have enough supplies to spare.
Inside you'll find a spare wheel and a model of the air-cooled flat four engine.
Sometimes technology is used that can't be repaired locally, or spare parts are available only in the capital.
It is also enough to eat into spare capacity, since output is growing faster than potential supply.
Louis is known for its barbecued spare ribs and reportedly leads the world in per capita consumption of barbecue sauce.
So please, spare us the speech about how the best things in life are free.
Maybe they should find out what the guy that collected the money has been doing in his spare time.
At the time, however, things were getting exciting in a sport that occupied a lot of her spare hours: windsurfing.
So in his spare time he wrote experimental programs to help him remember the connections.
Her writing was so surreal and spare, so full of wonder and truth.
He says he's too busy for any spare-time activities but hopes to learn how to barbecue one day.
The researchers' truck is outfitted with two spare tires, but it was once stopped by a third flat.
There are stretch panels on the armpits to aid movement, and the jacket's back pocket can hold ski goggles or a spare bike tube.
Always have a spare, fully charged battery in your pocket at all times, ready to be used.
Always bring a spare key for your snowmobile, and it's helpful to give everyone in your group a spare key.
Supporters rally outside the prison to spare his life.
Desirable full-size spare meant for export models only.
Two-career couples and single moms have little spare time for parenting.
In her spare time, she tries not to let her yarn habit get out of control.
Well, if you've got the space to spare, by all means keep the stuff.
They spare the publisher the burden of warehousing paper copies.
Spare us that tired argument about electric vehicles being coal-powered vehicles.
For safety reasons, there must also be redundant equipment, plus tools and spare parts for repair.
But by all rights, the moon is losing much more energy through this geologically active region than it has to spare.
What is new, and what has set the market alight, is the lack of spare production capacity.
Even without a disruption to supply, prices are under pressure from a second source: the gradual dwindling of spare capacity.
The cast of lenders has broadened far beyond pawnshops and rich businessmen with cash to spare.
Some help people sell their spare capacity in everything from parking spaces to energy.
Later it promised to complete the new regulations with two years to spare.
The success in avoiding a recession meant that the economy built up little spare capacity during the slowdown.
Whatever he could spare from his own subsistence he distributed among other needy persons.
Such was his application to his grammar studies, and so happy his genius, as to spare his preceptor much pains in his education.
Undiscerning, they chastise with scorpions the old authentic sins, but spare the new.
If you have an hour or two to spare, it's worth a read.
If you happen to have a little computing power to spare, why not give it a shot.
As energy gets more expensive, it requires more spare capital, capital which could be spent on things which boost the economy.
He spent his spare hours watching cartoons on television.
In their spare time, and in order to get money to buy drugs, they steal from their neighbors.
But the spare white form had been warmed with curves.
Now he spends all of his spare time climbing, or thinking about climbing.
He spent his spare time hiking and developed a taste for southwestern cuisine.
We said yes, of course, hoping that some of the spare preserves would find their way into our pantry.
Uncle hubert was a spare eater, and the sight of those groaning tables thrice daily made him uneasy.
There are squirrels living in the spare bedroom upstairs.
The shallow cup of the compact looked to be holding a kind of flesh dust, a spare skin.
Its text is a spare, poetic distillation of the spoken text from the film.
In his spare time, he makes paintings of dodos and other extinct bird species.
Your writing style is spare and matter-of-fact, almost impressionistic.
Roosters far outnumber spaniels, and spare tires and rusting appliances vie for scenic predominance.
He stopped, unzipped his pack, and gave her a spare waterproof.
Soon he was spending all of his spare time making dresses for his family and friends.
And she didn't spare figures who enjoyed more general approval, either.
So you don't happen to have a spare half-trillion dollars.
Liposuction is the only way to actually reduce the number of fat cells in your spare tire.
Many groups are known only through garbled recollections of a neighboring people or a few spare records.
He wanted to make the book so spare that only masterful mathematicians could deduce his conclusions.
A:No, but it would be quite useful to have several spare parts on hand.
Free radical molecules, by-products of the body's breakdown of food or environmental toxins, have a spare electron.
Healthy trees could produce anti-insect toxins and have energy to spare for building red and yellow pigments.
Basic human genetics doesn't need to be arcane or astrological, it's deducible from some spare first principles.
Generically salt is the simple marriage of any acid with any base, which contributes a spare electron.
He's spent all his spare time and money for over fifty years doing this single-handed and self-funded.
Spare me the lectures, the drama, and the grandstanding in the comments.
And there's room for all of it, with space to spare.
Taken literally, the limits thus defined would seem to spare the author much criticism.
Since foreign currency is scarce, those with spare cash have started buying gold.
But she does not give him a course to follow, and she certainly does not spare him the anguish he has been going through.
All the organizers urged was that burning of buildings be minimized so as to spare lives.
If half the things your accusers say about you are true, you had the power to spare a life or take one with the wink of an eye.

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