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Good ole fashion spanking is direct, timely, and it gets the message across.
Oddly, the world has yet to see the first cloned stuffed animal-a taxidermy specimen sampled to make a spanking new creature.
Tom attends the village school where he does a lot of tricks and often receives a spanking from the teacher.
We've tried scolding, spanking, and putting him in timeout in his doghouse nothing works.
The staff members do not approve of spanking, but neither do they try to talk parents out of it, unless it is clearly abusive.
The other two, rigs a and d, are brand spanking new and don't seem to have ever been discussed.
Either way, the technology behind these weapons isn't exactly brand spanking new.
There is talk about spanking him, though as one teacher points out, that's been tried in the past and hasn't been effective.
Now, despite the initial impression of spanking newness, his big super-slick paintings have a curious retro quality.
In the coming months, we'll be unveiling a brand-spanking new web site with lots of high-tech whiz bang.
There are plenty of people in government that could use a spanking.
Foreign-born mothers more likely than natives to use spanking and verbal reasoning.

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