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Example sentences for spangled

There were the electricians, the sheet-metal workers, the carpenters and the pilots in their star-spangled ties.
Howling, she grabs fistfuls of air, writhing in a blur of blue latex and spangled fur.
It shows clouds streaming across the sky, star-spangled heavens and the oscillations of the tide.
It ought not to look overelaborate, even though it is spangled with silver or crystal or is made of sheer lace.
The wet, dense forest was all around, the deep mossy ground spangled with bright-red partridge-berries.
He made these pronouncements as the team was entering an era of prosperity unmatched in its spangled history.
Intent on moving us in a more festive direction, she offered a spangled leopard-print top in multiple layers of chiffon.
Fantastic as it seems now, when she is so tall and lovely in her spangled disco dress, she was then overweight and eight.

Famous quotes containing the word spangled

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