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Example sentences for spandex

Allied is not alone in trying to shed bagpipes and tartan in favour of drum machines and spandex.
There's more to figure skating than spandex and sequins, specifically physics.
The pouch, called a swelling hemostat, resembles a beanbag and is made of a polymer-fiber mesh encased in spandex fabric.
Still, gritty naturalism is no small leap for the spandex genre.
Thrill-seeking cyclists used to be club-joining enthusiasts in spandex.
Finally, something to wear to the gym that isn't spandex or sweatpants.
She wears tight, shimmering spandex pants with a new holographic material annealed to the surface.
Blends that contain a little spandex will resist wrinkling so they're a good option for travel.
Any revealing attire made of spandex, translucent or transparent material is considered inappropriate.
Tights and spandex are ideal, but shorts, sweats or comfortable pants are fine.
Tops exceeding hip length must be worn with spandex tights or stretch pants.
May use color remover on white items except for silk, wool or spandex.
Applicants will not be permitted to wear any type of shorts, spandex clothing or tank top style shirts.
Spandex production means the production of synthetic spandex fibers.
Spandex pants, shorts and leggings are not permitted alone.
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