spamming in a sentence

Example sentences for spamming

Try to stay on topic next time and stop spamming my blog.
At the same time, spamming our students with emails from every club and organization on campus is not helpful either.
Old-style spamming may, perhaps, be coming under control.
More recently, the group has engaged in phishing attacks in addition to their regular spamming and hacking activities.
It has been activated only once, to perform a relatively mundane spamming operation-enough to demonstrate that it is not benign.
But you keep spamming this place with your propaganda.
Simply create myself a little website, do a little spamming of hotels and restaurants, and charge a fee to write bogus reviews.
Spamming is the equivalent of boring people or mixing in business.
Distribute easy-to-use mail spamming programs for free.
The viability of reward system for those who report unlawful spamming.
In tracking the communications path, law enforcement often could find and shut down illegal spamming operations.
While all these legal efforts are welcomed, they will not by themselves stop the spamming.
Once these addresses are identified, the spamming begins.
The government needs to step in on any new communication protocols and oversee it to make sure future spamming cannot occur.
Spamming applications can no longer grab email addresses on the site.
Building a list takes time and there aren't many legal, or ethical shortcuts that don't involve spamming people.
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