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Example sentences for spall

When the metal plate spalls, it creates a spall disk that is ejected from the bottom.
If dowel bars are reached, a full-depth spall repair must be used.
Percussion flaking is accomplished by striking the chert with a stone or heavy antler billet, thereby driving off a spall.
The corrosion causes the concrete to spall from the bridge and also reduces the cross section of the steel bars.
Rehab includes joint re-sealing, crack repair, spall repair and shoulder grading.
Corrosion of the reinforcing steel causes the surface mortar to spall.
However, spalling can occur in any climate, and proper partial-depth spall repair will help reduce further deterioration.
Because of the technique used in its manufacture, this specimen has been categorized as a spall gunflint.
The corrosion can cause the concrete to crack and spall.
Water infiltration, in addition to vehicle vibrations in the spall pockets, may be causing the spalls.
Heated concrete will exhibit the following properties: will readily absorb heat when cooled can spall or crack.
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