spacing in a sentence

Example sentences for spacing

The size and spacing of the footprints indicate they were made by people with bodies similar to modern humans.
Hundreds of interviews were recorded in longhand, typed up in single spacing and arranged in piles.
Other studies show that proper birth spacing, for which contraception is an effective tool, leads to better perinatal outcomes.
Spacing out the slams, in particular, would ease the pressure on players' bodies and reduce the risk of injuries.
Double spacing is harder to read because the eye gets confused with excessive white space.
And those same publications accept, with whatever spacing, as an ellipse.
There should exist an agency that manages the entire aquifer setting flow rates, spacing and testing for contamination.
The swimming speed of sharks as they track prey may be limited by the spacing of their nostrils.
When you close your eyes and write, if the writing is similar in quality, spacing and formation you have kinesthetic sense.
Why not look at possible changes in spacing and the ages they are given.
Between the speed of the vehicle and the spacing in-between instruments, there was a lot of physics to consider.
Of course they don't want lowly typists exercising opinions about letter spacing.
W is the width of the cell unit and d is the spacing between neighbouring cells.
Look at the diameter of the coils and their spacing.
At three times the depth, the pressure is three times as great, and thus the spacing should be reduced to one-third the distance.
Shown pictures of dense natural gas well spacing patterns and dense wind and solar power arrays, respondents reject both.
The triangle offense is based on reads and rhythm, spacing and cutting.
The relatively even spacing of the paintings on the lower levels leads to a busy bottleneck of architectural models.
Isolations, botched spacing and meaningless cuts became the norm, as all semblance of structure vanished.
However, to determine the spacing between-the-row, there are some general guidelines to follow.
However, plant spacing recommendations are needed for potatoes planted in a bed configuration.
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