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Her luminous spaceship-crystal design, although interesting, often dwarfed the dancers.
The kids have to chase the spaceship as it darts from one point to another.
And his experiments with corn seedlings proved that this plant would fare poorly in a spaceship.
Instead, you and two buddies each have a spaceship, and each of the three travels to some place in the near universe.
The repair could take several days or even weeks as engineers study problems with electrical connectors in the spaceship's tank.
The movie was pretty ordinary, but its one saving grace was the spaceship.
No one ever discusses the possibility of boiling inside the spaceship except when going through atmosphere.
They'd be unlikely to see an alien spaceship if it flew right over their house, or their observatory.
Make your own spaceship and give it a couple of particle emitters and see what happens.
She was a supermodel who lived in outer space and traveled by spaceship, and she existed only in the dimension of his imagination.
The patient flicks the spaceship back and forth by imagining that he is moving his tongue.
Suppose a spaceship is moving with a constant velocity with respect to an observer.
Make a cardboard construction with dials for operating the spaceship.

Famous quotes containing the word spaceship

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