spaceflight in a sentence

Example sentences for spaceflight

The finding came in part from research in human spaceflight.
Finally, large scale private investment in practical, low cost technologies for human spaceflight is being made.
But it should not automatically mean that manned spaceflight be scrapped forthwith.
There have always been issues about the safety and cost of human spaceflight.
The seat is what specifically distinguishes payload spaceflight from human spaceflight.
The attraction of space shuttle launches and spaceflight seems to hold steady regardless of the visitor's age.
Those wealthy entrepreneurs all have spaceflight companies.
After a three-month spaceflight, a twin set of lunar probes has reached the moon.
Exploration alone doesn't justify the expense of human spaceflight.
Private spaceflight companies draw ever closer to putting people into space their own way.
Spaceflight-particularly long-duration spaceflight-is about gambling: computing odds and taking risks.
The status of manned spaceflight could be a lot better right now, but things could also be worse.
But that would be a good goal for the private sector of spaceflight.
They didn't live up to all the high expectations, didn't make spaceflight as routine as catching a bus, the critics will whinge.
But that doesn't mean a return to the moon shouldn't be part of a reinvigorated human spaceflight program.
Finally it achieves spaceflight, whereupon you guide it off into the galaxy to meet other sentient species.
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