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They are matched by the problems involved in what might be called the housekeeping aspects of space travel.
Enjoy our exciting science collections and space travel in our popular planetarium.
We have no way of defending ourselves against extraterrestrials that are capable of space travel at this point of our development.
It would also allow us to develop the foundation for space travel.
Space travel has become almost as common as driving.
Of course, that would require the guts to actually use nuclear power for space travel.
But nothing in space travel is easy, and touching down on an asteroid might be a sight more complicated than a simple rendezvous.
We may be also able to exploit some of the minerals on these objects and that could make space travel not only fun but productive.
The idea is to see if ancient life could have survived space travel to migrate between the planets on meteoroids.
He didn't really care about robots or space travel, though they sometimes turn up in his stories.
The future hub of space travel won't be some restricted-access military installation.
Instead, they'll talk about their shared enthusiasm for space travel.
But there is an equally important push to develop smaller vehicles for unmanned space travel.
In an age of space travel, anyone with the wherewithal has presumably gone away.
Commercial space travel is now almost within reach of ordinary citizens.
Space travel isn't exactly known for its culinary pleasures.
We need hypothetical formula's now on how to harness and channel that energy from macro to nano for space travel.
There is no simple stuff when you're dealing with space travel.
The idea of human space travel is visceral and more likely to receive popular and therefore political support.
Basically, do not make contact with any race until they have reached a mature level of space travel.
Maybe there is motivation for long distance space travel among sentient societies.
Many companies are pursuing commercialized space travel.

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