space station in a sentence

Example sentences for space station

One choice is to prepare a boxed experiment to take aboard the space shuttle or space station.
We need to focus on how best to make the transition from the space shuttle to the space station to space exploration.
It was not an alert about an incoming asteroid, a problem with the space station or a solar storm.
The shuttle and the space station thus hold back scientific inquiry, rather than advancing it.
But it is not clear that there is much profit to be had from the space station.
Eight and a half minutes later she was in orbit, ready to complete her mission of carrying supplies to the space station.
In space station things, you don't give things away.
The same people crying for tax dollars are among those who have bellowed for a space station and a return to the moon.
No one wants to chase a crumb around a space station.
Early concepts for a space station also resulted in super-cute models.
The world's first privately owned space station is envisioned as a series of daisy-chained, inflatable pods.
The amazing pictures of the space station taken by ground-based amateur astronomers keeps on coming.
And that, currently, is the only way to get humans up to the space station.
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