space shuttle in a sentence

Example sentences for space shuttle

Humans are the reason the space shuttle needs toilets.
These scanners are usually used to inspect the space shuttle's solid fuel rockets.
If you see the space shuttle crashing, you can see that these guys in the white coats don't always get it right.
The potential successor to the space shuttle gets ready to fly.
These rockets weigh a fraction of what the space shuttle weighs.
Battery life is long enough for space shuttle missions.
It is difficult to believe that this will be the last space shuttle launch.
If you break the space shuttle down, you get more space shuttle.
That's the year the space shuttle is scheduled to retire, and no other space vehicle can lift the station's components into orbit.
Workers prepare to dismantle space shuttle launch tower reports.
Astronauts are accustomed to wearing diapers for the long countdown before launching in the space shuttle and also for spacewalks.
We're not here to take pictures and go visit the space shuttle.
You're greeted by a full-size model of the space shuttle, complete with a clear explanation of how the heat shield works.
Also covered is aviation history, from gliders to the space shuttle.
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