space science in a sentence

Example sentences for space science

Humbling though it may be, for the present people are unnecessary for space science, and they are also an expensive liability.
Scientists working on problems related to the exploration of space often refer to their field as space science.
Sending humans back to the moon might divert money from other space science.
His primary focus is space science, ranging from particles to planets to parallel universes.
Unless the reader has some sort of in-depth education on space science, it is a poorly written article.
For many space science enthusiasts, that situation is not even remotely troubling.
We must not allow the short-term economic woes of our generation squander our long-term aspirations in space science.
But this must not come at the cost of space science.
Without the perspective of mankind expanding to space, all space science is purposeless.
Yes, based almost solely on that one speech and that he's pro-space science and pro-Lunar return.
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