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Generating energy from space solar power is not science fiction.
Office space is a perennial hot topic in higher education.
Scientists have spotted the wreckage from a spectacular collision between two planets deep in space.
Forget the launchpads, the giant rockets, and the gazillion-dollar prices for getting satellites into space.
Luckily, policy makers are paying attention to space weather.
He loved the age-old mysteries surrounding the nature of matter, time and space at the heart of cosmology and metaphysics.
Galaxies are sprawling space systems composed of dust, gas, and countless stars.
Rare electric-blue clouds on the edge of space have been putting on a spectacular light-show this week.
The third is to create a personal space of invention in a virtual environment.
Peek inside his mobile studio and get ideas for your own stylish small space.
It is difficult to believe that this will be the last space shuttle launch.
It is called a space plane, but it may not be a plane.
According to the big bang, space itself is expanding.
They went up in the first space missions to see what would happen to cells in zero gravity.
But the smallest patch of yard can serve up extra gardening space if you go vertical.
We claim to run an open sourced space project without any organizational profit and this is true.
Four years ago an egg-shaped space ship powered by a rubber-burning rocket blasted into nearly low orbit.
Space radiation might finally be good for something.
Maybe there's enough space for a new lab for you or a multi-use space.
Energetic protons from deep space continuously bombard our planet and strike atoms in the upper layers of the atmosphere.
We need to focus on how best to make the transition from the space shuttle to the space station to space exploration.
Tang, no matter what you've heard, was not an invention of the space program.
Calif, is expected to exceed its capacity soon, and university officials are searching for more space.
Certain experiences can change your life: traveling to an exotic country, visiting an active volcano, floating through space.
Weightlessness, dark matter, and mind-blowing telescope images are great reasons to be excited about space exploration.
Advertiser does not use the amount of space or submit the required number of insertions upon which its billings have been based.
There's a reason that so many sci-fi thrillers are set in space.
The instrument, about the size of a coffee table, rode on a satellite deployed by the space shuttle.
Space is full of images that make a geek's heart flutter.
Some of those stars exploded, spewing the heavier elements out into space.
The number of paintings you install is dependent upon the architecture of the space where you are showing them.
Some college students are fortunate enough to have access to a communal kitchen space in their dorm.
Transform your garden space into a retreat with the soft sound of water.
It's always been my dream to watch a space shuttle launch and, more recently, to take my kids to see one.
Living space doesn't have to mean four walls and a ceiling.
How to provide privacy while maximizing space and flow was the problem tackled in the design of this master bath.
Its privately developed rocket has made it into space.
For the first time, scientists were able to track an asteroid from space to the ground and recover pieces of it.
But, as the photos below show, there wasn't much space between their house and the street.
The counter has plenty of space for setting out buffet items as well as tableware.
They're easy to grow from seed and require little space.
It attracts more birds than still water alone, and its soothing sound track transforms your space into a peaceful retreat.
Space is limited and reservations are required for these screenings.
Space tourists, however, may have different expectations.
There is no difference between time and any of the three dimensions of space except that our consciousness moves along it.
It presents two ridges, separated by an intervening space.
The middle ear or tympanic cavity is an irregular, laterally compressed space within the temporal bone.
He is talking expansively about saving the planet and conquering space.
The space race with billions of government dollars ensured that private firms had no chance at success.
The interesting thing to note would the the direction that space will take.
Public space must not be abused for private commercial purposes, he says.
The gas can be compressed to take up less space, but that can be dangerous.
So in places where there is no shortage of space, they are the natural option.
If implemented, that would allow the authority to charge a hefty daily fee for the use of road space at busy times.
State governments pressure newspapers by taking out acres of ad space, which can be withdrawn if coverage is unfriendly.
IT doesn't take much imagination to realize how badly war in space could unfold.
The best she could do was a vacant space in the back of the student health clinic.
Most science professors would be dismayed if their college offered them a tiny closet as their designated research space.
For example, the candidate leaves plenty of white space without going too far in the other direction and wasting space.
What some folks do with space, others do with words.
But some students certainly need time and space to choose their paths, he agreed.
You've reserved the space, maybe requested special media equipment, and perhaps you've arranged for some catering.
Desperate, the space agency turned to the military's top-secret spy satellites for help.
We pounded grilled tomatoes with garlic and green chiles into fiery salsas, elbowing for space in the cramped quarters.
But it's definitely transformed from a pancake hot spot into an intimate space with exceptional food and excellent service.
It's not some new unexplained mystery of the universe or the upcoming launch of a space telescope that is unnerving them, though.
The stunning space vistas and intimate moments with astronauts make for a fascinating flash of interstellar eye candy.
They go through the motions of releasing the latch from the space station.
Inside the experiment to detect if space is made of chunks.
One of the major thrusts of his research has been studying how this transition would work in space.
Space is a harsh environment that affects the body in many ways.
The boards help me work out the basic shapes, the positive and negative space and so forth.
Nevertheless, undaunted but running out of space, we'll make this brief.
Basically, that if you stay within your personal space, you'll end up getting along with everyone.
Debunks the idea that the wall can be seen from space.
Others defy the space constraint with a shrug of humor.
The quintessential summer space, of course, is water.
In silent films, he evokes this off-screen space by means of sound.
Several companies are designing novel suits for space tourists.
Every now and again, the gas giant captures a nearby object, which hangs around for a few years and then wanders off into space.
The software could also leave new space for online advertising.
The idea is steer light around a volume of space so that anything inside this region is essentially invisible.
Invisibility cloaks work by steering light around a region of space, making any object inside that region invisible.
In effect, an invisibility cloak creates the illusion of free space.
One of them is what shape singularities can form in this higher dimensional space.
But this would only possible if terrestrial bugs can survive the intense vacuum and radiation in interplanetary space.
It could also make it possible to pack battery materials in unused space inside electronic devices.
For example, various bugs have been shown to survive for months or even years in the harsh conditions of space.
These guys are clearly studying a parameter space displaying a rich variety of patters.
In the space of a few years their populations exploded.
But go back four years, before the move to the jazzy new space.
She never, however, lost her ballet posture or a dancer's awareness of her limbs in space.
My paintings feature both intimate spaces and dramatic deep space effects.
The space is run entirely by solar power, and overlooks the mountains.
Negative space was fully, and beautifully, utilized.
One theater space was a musty old place that reeked of marijuana.
Whether a closed curve in space has a knot in it or not is, however, a topological property of the curve in space.
The few verbal changes in the text were agreed without difficulty within the space of ten days.
Mules, motorcycles, and roaring pickup trucks compete for space on the gutted road.
Depressed by the booming space of the empty stadium, the players seem merely to be going through the motions.
Since digitized books occupy no shelf space they can remain in print and in stock as long as digital storage devices survive.
To the contrary, it changes across time and space, in response to the movements it opposes.
Now insects may become the next food frontier for space cuisine.
Our sense of space is crucial to our understanding of the world around us.
The potential successor to the space shuttle gets ready to fly.
Commercial space travel is now almost within reach of ordinary citizens.
Commentary on astronomy news and space-related myths and misinformation.
Forget traditional distinctions between matter and empty space-it's all a seamless whole.
The country needs more of these robotic space exploration missions, not less.
Shown here, as you can see, the article refers to a picture of a big blue wormy-thingy floating in space.
Mapping technology provides insights on everything from the human body to outer space.
And in all this vast province of opportunity called space, no writ runs.
The dusty old moon is still a hotspot for space missions around the world.
Stunning new images put space into a never-before-seen perspective.
They imagined that space was filled everywhere by a continuous medium called the ether.
Structure is the foundation of a good garden, making the space you have more usable.
And a booth can be a real space saver in the kitchen.
Because booths are typically anchored to a wall on one side, this leaves more precious floor space available.

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