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They're a wonderful overwintering plant and self-sow readily.
In mild winter climates, fall is the ideal time to sow seeds, though you can also plant in winter.
They employ fallacy and conspiracy to sow seeds of fear and distrust, and then cry when someone labels them for what they are.
If you live in a mild-winter climate, you can sow seeds in fall for winter and spring bloom.
Pick a windless day and sow seed evenly, using a drop or rotary spreader.
And the seeds that fall to the ground will self-sow.
Sow seeds, and thin seedlings, following directions on packet.
If you're going to grow them, put them in glazed pots on a sunny deck or patio, where they can't self sow.
But it's enough to ask leading questions to sow doubt about the official story.
To commercialize a technology is to sow the seeds of its dissolution.
Special interest groups mount effective disinformation campaigns to sow doubt about the reality of global warming.
They found that they could propagate their leavening by saving a bit of unused dough to sow the seeds of foment in the next batch.
Townsend thinks that one of their motives is to sow confusion.
How to plow a field, sow seeds, barter with the neighbors for food and supplies.
The noise makers want to confuse you, because that's how they sow doubt.
Evolution is sufficiently complicated to explain that it is possible to sow doubt about it.
Which the winds carry afar and re-sow, and the rains and the snows nourish.
Leaning out at the open window, he looked into an orchard where a fat sow wandered about with a litter of tiny pigs at her heels.
To illustrate the principle, suppose a farmer to sow a wheat field of entirely unknown extent with ten bushels of wheat.
But each new fiscal armistice seems to sow the seeds of further conflict, by stirring revanchism within the ranks.
After much mating, females sow eggs among the twigs.

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