sovereignty in a sentence

Example sentences for sovereignty

But his desire to maintain the nation's sovereignty likely influenced his decision.
The importance of national sovereignty feels different when your enemy sits on the other side of a wall.
We live in a post military world where land holdings do not insure security or sovereignty.
In joining the euro, countries had to surrender some sovereignty.
But it would not challenge the sovereignty of either state, he says, nor would it be based on ethnicity.
But for a government so fiercely insistent on the inviolability of its own sovereignty, this was a big step.
Of course, a defaulting country may regard such intrusions as an unacceptable violation of its sovereignty.
Most of them are still far too touchy about sovereignty to agree on any meaningful pooling of it.
The people of this state do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies that serve them.
Now, today, the common interest is more important than each individual nation's sovereignty.

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