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Governments getting loans from sovereign funds only makes the debt situation worse.
Perhaps that s why their governments sovereign funds are buying huge tracts of productive land in the tropics for food.
Insufficient measures to permit an escape from the adverse feedback loop between sovereign debt and bank debt.
Or use strategic partnerships and sovereign relationships to that.
They rightly see no reason why a sovereign country cannot develop next-generation defense systems which threaten no-one.
Counters resembling a sovereign and a half-sovereign.
Geographically there are two sovereign nations in between them.
Part of this is because of banking regulations and some of this is because they're not sure how to value the sovereign debt.
Some sovereign funds are also getting into the buy-out business.
The immediate source of trouble is the euro area, which is struggling to stop the spread of its sovereign-debt crisis.
The announcement reminded investors that tacit sovereign guarantees may be worthless.
Given that a huge sovereign default could occur in scarcely more than a month, there is strangely little nervousness.
In fact, the sovereign-debt crisis goes back as far as the concept of the sovereign state.
Beyond that, the patient is sovereign and the physician's duty is to be the servant.
Sovereign offered no evidence as to why it waited so long before returning the yacht.
In short, any sovereign immunity waiver applies to all the remedies listed in the statute.
By right, sovereign governments define who its citizen-members are.

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Every new sovereign brings his own ministers.... more
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