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There was even a truck selling space program souvenirs.
Looters ransacked the museum's gift shop, making off with souvenirs and gold jewelry.
If you're looking for souvenirs to bring back, the rose oil is wonderful.
They would make splendid souvenirs, and he has so many he would never miss them.
You'll see his coronation outfits and even souvenirs from the coronation that never happened.
Some missing pieces were probably snipped out for souvenirs.
He has furnished his cramped office clubhouse-style, with sports paraphernalia and souvenirs.
These photos have the appearance of grotesque souvenirs.
In some cases, spectators rummaged through the leftover ashes searching for grim souvenirs.
The island features a gallery in the center where visitors can view maps and receive free maps and other digital souvenirs.
The resistant bacteria may have come back home on the plane with the sunburns and souvenirs.
Often these souvenirs are illustrated, especially if the group includes any artists.
Every inch of the cedar-paneled walls is packed with knickknacks, souvenirs, and silly kitchen homilies.
Fans had broken into the apartment in search of souvenirs.
Soldiers collected ears as souvenirs, along with a few scalps and gold teeth.
Arrowheads, sharks' teeth, even the rocks can be souvenirs.
Commemorative souvenirs were sold at subway stations and local department stores held sales to commemorate the opening.
Pilgrim badges were souvenirs of these journeys and, if brought into contact with the church's reliquary, holy objects themselves.
When browsing for souvenirs, there's not much choice.
Neither these souvenirs nor those collected on the first moon flight seemed much to show as a return on the costly investment.
Another good example of stuff that is significantly cheaper would be souvenirs from the market.
Some wind up as pets, or their parts are used for souvenirs or folk medicines.
One of the best travel souvenirs to bring home is being able to recreate the dishes you ate on the road.
More than a dozen pockets organize everything and still leave room for souvenirs collected along the way.
Resist the urge to take souvenirs from the area you are visiting.
They recreated the scene when he was shot down and people were taking pieces of his crashed plane for souvenirs.
Modern merchants sell souvenirs, leather goods, and scarves.
Sometimes traveling is about more than guidebooks and souvenirs.
The bag's side snaps expand as you collect souvenirs on your travels.
It's sized for carry-on when your trips are short but can be expanded for longer trips or when souvenirs are plentiful.
We were stumbling up the lava flow and trying to pick up lava rocks as souvenirs.
Gorilla hands and heads were sold as souvenirs to tourists.
We quite naturally want to come home with pictures of them as souvenirs of the trip.
The souvenirs might be a bit on the tacky side, but you'll discover plenty of intriguing items in these lively markets.
Instead they live on salaries and tips and by selling souvenirs.
He wrote hundreds of letters home, took lots of photographs and collected souvenirs.
Use the bag-instead of the paper or plastic bags provided by stores-to carry souvenirs and other purchases made during your trip.
Each country here has one or more gift shops with genuine art, clothing, jewelry and souvenirs from that country.
From stone fish to wooden spoons some souvenirs are worth keeping.
Our staff and citizen reporters scour the city for the best royal wedding sights and souvenirs.
While it's tempting to pack every bit of clothing you own, remember to leave room for souvenirs and other essentials.
Give each member of your family an amount to spend on souvenirs and make sure they stick to it.
We asked readers to submit photos of their food souvenirs.
Fingers and ears were regularly hacked off as souvenirs.
Their fingers were cut off, one by one, and distributed among the crowd as souvenirs.
The museum gift shop serves a limited menu of refreshments and offers a variety of unique and educational souvenirs.
The soft, silvery souvenirs recapture a poetic response to nature.
Outside catering and vendors serving or selling food or souvenirs to the public is prohibited.

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Kitsch ... is one of the major categories of the modern object. Knick-knacks, rustic odds-and-ends, souvenirsmore
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