south in a sentence

Example sentences for south

Orient your bed north-south for maximum sun exposure.
The jet streams tend to dip farther south in winter and move more to the north in summer, following the movement of the sun.
On the south side an arm has shot out from which rise two stems, each to about ninety-one or ninety-two feet from the ground.
Males forage more widely and more to the south than females, who prefer northern waters.
So they put butterflies in a flight simulator and tried to convince them to fly south.
Those with their antennae intact had no problem orienting and flying south.
In the south winters are cool but sunny, but as one moves further north temperatures drop and snow falls.
For the last nations of the birds have gathered in flocks and gone south, and the coast has no more song.
Fund managers get bonuses at the end of each year, and they keep those performance fees even if the fund eventually goes south.
And right-handed ones are more common in the south, according to a new survey.
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