sourdough in a sentence

Example sentences for sourdough

Bacteria, yeast to be specific, is what makes bread rise and gives sourdough's their taste.
With some rustic sourdough bread, it made a delicious appetizer for our dinner.
Mix together sourdough starter batter, water, and four cups of flour.
He teaches viewers--and the ditsy host--to make bread dough, pizzas, and sourdough starter.
Biga, is a yeast-based starter, gives the loaf characteristics of bread made with a sourdough starter.
Serve this easy-to-make, inventive salad with sourdough bread.
Start off your meal with the tossed house salad, a bowl of seafood bisque or a serving of hot crab dip with sourdough bread.
Serve on sourdough buns with lettuce, tomato and onion.
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