sourcing in a sentence

Example sentences for sourcing

What about actual deaths directly caused in sourcing coal and oil and because of pollution.
He's also a product, sourcing and supply-chain visionary.
Cost-cutting concerns aside, sourcing news from novices can be problematic.
Diversify your risk when establishing manufacturing, raw materials sourcing, and transportation strategies.
Sourcing inspirational ingredients is a matter of utmost importance in the design of a flavor.
More recently, consumers have become concerned about the sourcing of metals used in computers.
Far-sighted and nimble sourcing, needless to say, has become more important than ever.
The fashionable term for trying to glean useful insights from it all is crowd sourcing.
They include raw materials sourcing, battery and vehicle cost, performance and consumer safety.
The sourcing patterns for the lifestyle got blown open.
Having created models for open-sourcing and crowd-sourcing, the bank is now moving toward mash-ups.
Recently, agencies reported their progress on strategic sourcing initiatives.
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