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Probably, however, a brief statement of the contents and sources of the five books will be more to the purpose.
It also provides access to great reference sources.
For this story, fortunately, information is available from a number of continental sources.
It is a danger that lurks and hides in the sources and fountains of power in every state.
But the stream of poetry is fed by many sources, and it takes color and volume according to the channels through which it flows.
These works generally began with disowning and discrediting the sources from which in reality they drew their sole information.
We must work faster to change consumer behavior and develop alternative sources of power.
He was to write four shows, all based on other sources.
Currently, the cost of electricity from silicon solar cells is about ten times that of other energy sources.
It was a place for tech hobbyists to gather and share tips on supply sources and exchange programming information.
However, the neighborhoods where people live can be serious sources of pollution.
As a result, the lack of the small mammals is cascading through the ecosystem, forcing predators to find different food sources.
And agricultural runoff is a major part of the pollution of freshwater sources.
Many flower species reflect ultraviolet light, which insects use to identify food sources.
The data used for this graph come from two sources: thermostat readings and tree-ring samples.
Most fish move in and out of the areas as water sources dwindle.
On the moon, the compound could be converted for use in breathing apparatus and for producing power sources such as rocket fuel.
Includes many government websites and sources for background information.
They regard them as sources of economic growth and high-quality brainpower, both of which they desperately need.
Labour is one of the two main sources of economic growth.
If the country does not find new sources of economic growth, it will grow old before it grows rich.
In the face of higher prices the industry has repeatedly shown ingenuity in developing new sources of supply.
When the online giant launched the service, programmers quickly figured out how to mix the maps with other sources of information.
Rather, it skilfully integrated technology from multiple sources and countries.
It covers some topics that are difficult to find in other reference works, and can point students to good, reliable sources.
In advance of the debate, students turn in a debate proposal in which they briefly state their arguments and their sources.
The wise student, afraid of getting caught, found sources and created a citations page.
Mangroves are habitats of enclosed intertidal mud flats with wave action greatly reduced, located near sources of fresh water.
Gaps in degree attainment have plenty of other sources.
Verbal, visual, and aural sources from dozens of cultures crowd the screen of anyone enrolled at a university.
Television and radio news were the sole sources for a summary of the great events of the day, on the day they occurred.
The table below shows several types of antioxidants, their possible effects, and food sources of each.
Several major newspapers have improved their policies on the use of confidential sources.
In the end, he paid the fine with money from other sources.
It has been found in water sources as a result of its widespread use.
But sustained development of new energy sources always rests on the condition of the old ones.
The point is that there are significant sources of airborne radioactive particulate other than nuclear power plants.
The price of regenerative energies will continue to fall, while the price of conventional energy sources will only rise.
Only traffic-generated emissions were included in the study, not pollutants from factories and other sources.
We go to conferences and meetings, pore over other publications, and routinely confer with our researcher sources and authors.
The major sources of unsaturated fatty acids in the diet are vegetable oils in the natural state.
The author also does not give any reason why grid-based sources are preferential to plug-in sources.
Many people are working to harness renewable energy sources more effectively and to enhance energy efficiency.
Asthma rates are elevated around major freeways, refineries and other large pollution sources.
There's a similar lack of intentionality, though it comes from different sources.
In the coming decades, ever-improving technologies will almost certainly make new sources of hydrocarbons accessible.
His truck routes also made it easy for him to maintain connections with sources.
The board stayed quiet publicly, but sources say its members were upset.
What is more interesting is to ask how it arose and on what local sources, if any, it drew.
New sources such as wind power have grown rapidly but are still a small fraction of total energy use.
Other aspects of government rhetoric, however, suggest that even the sources of such statements do not quite believe them.
The inspiration for the name comes from several sources.
The cost advantage of public health insurance appears to arise from two main sources.
The use of news reports as sources calls a key finding into question.
As electronic devices are made ever smaller, there is increasing demand for similarly minuscule power sources.
Traditionally, one wanted extremely briny sources and extremely fresh sources, not one that is already pre-mixed.
There are plenty of sources of extremely concentrated salt, such as salt domes.
Sunlight, wind, and waves aren't the only sources of renewable energy.
The amount of ethanol that can be produced from these sources, particularly corn, is constrained by the need for farmland.
The hydrogen could someday be provided by renewable sources of energy, he said, and nobody would have to make any sacrifices.
To operate them, researchers are looking for equally small power sources.
The country committed itself instead to developing renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power.
We need to reimagine the role of search engines and their sources of data.
The terahertz sources now on the market tend to emit many frequencies at once, limiting their utility.
But identifying important sources of information within all the chatter can be as time-consuming as ever.
Currently, methane and methanol top the list of hydrogen sources for fuel-cell vehicles.
However, while it listed several sources, it wasn't clear from which source it drew the answer.
The lure of renewable energy sources is that they help fight climate change.
Brain researchers have found the sources of many of our darkest thoughts, from envy to wrath.
The point is clear: for stationary food sources or goals, both memory and communication work well in support of planning.
The basic idea is to ask about the sources of our moral judgments.
The main nutritional challenge was avoiding starvation in late winter if primary meat sources became too scarce or lean.
The lunar surface also gets harsh treatment from meteorite impacts, ultraviolet rays, and other sources.
But after adding up all the potential sources of dark matter and ordinary matter, astronomers still come up two-thirds short.
The result is a scramble for new sources of crude in seemingly impossible places.
Stars are coherent point-sources, so their light produces several phenomena seen with laser illumination.
Find wrong sources and look into why they are wrong.
With special figure-of-eight gyrations, they can accurately tell other hive-mates about the location of nectar sources.
Their sources including chimpanzees and several species of monkeys.
From there, they started to exploit different food sources.
In other words, a big part of this discussion is that the options for funding sources are shrinking.
The widget shows the latest stories from any one of those sources.
Celiac disease has no cure but can be managed by avoiding all sources of gluten.
Compiled from various news services and travel sources.
Emissions of methane from natural sources are largely determined by environmental variables such as temperature and precipitation.
Describes mobile sources categories and provides examples within each category.

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