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Point of fact, the fission process is likely the source of the heat discussed in the article.
If you can't find what you want locally, try a specialist or a mail-order source.
So translocations now typically start with one bull per water source, with females and younger males released nearby.
Along the way, he extolled guano as an excellent source of it.
With research, patience and help from an unnamed source.
The source was a temporary type of tissue called medullary bone lining the inside of their leg bone cavities.
Our work is a major source of well-being, as long as the work is meaningful and engaging.
The source of a sustainable and much deeper fulfillment called joy remains undiscovered.
In her case, the idea came from an unlikely source: a student.
And the larger your income, no matter the source, the less payroll taxes figure as part of your overall federal tax burden.
The sun is a good source, too, but not always in winter or for dark-skinned people.
By measuring the brightness and orientation along several points on a contour, our algorithm estimates the light-source direction.
Biased or not, if the source is correct, the figures stand.
But this power source can be a bit fickle: today it might gust, while tomorrow could bring barely a breeze.
Further, nuclear energy is the source of all green energy.
Humans, unlike other marine mammals, must have a source of fresh water to survive.
Pink fish are a great source of so many positive vitamins and nutrients for your body.
Please source your statements before spraying nonsense about back-scatter technology.
There is no further discussion of the detected positron source.
Hydro is a renewable source of power with zero emissions.
From these facts he arrives at the conclusion that the gland is one source of the colored blood corpuscles.
It is equally the source of pleasure in variety, and in fact a higher term including both.
Today a scattering of small companies is the only commercial source of sportswear for the modest-minded.
Today the dry lake bed is the largest single source of particulate matter air pollution in the nation.
These firms have patient shareholders who see oil as a matter of national security rather than a source of profits.
Besides providing an export market, it is a source of tourists, investment opportunities and demand for services.
And, less measurably, it is a source of economic optimism: a boost to consumer and business sentiment.
Nuclear technology is still a key source of future power.
Tells about a daily ten-thirty meeting that became a source of newsroom unhappiness.
It's relatively inexpensive and an excellent source of many nutrients.
He feels the need to impart his knowledge, be a source of strength for him, and really help him through what he's going through.
Especially when, as at this stage, they didn't even know where the primary source was.
Eventually, the source of the lava chokes off and the lava flows away, leaving the empty tube underground.
The real value of open-source software is the community it fosters.
The next advance in propulsion systems may employ an external light source.
Most nebulizers also require a power source to run the compressor, which converts liquid medicine into vapor.
And it offers a big advantage over wind and other renewables: a precisely predictable source of energy.
Gecko feet have long been a source of inspiration to scientists striving to make superstrong, reusable adhesives.
After a few seconds, the target receiver should focus on the signal coming from the device, because it's the clearest source.
The ugly insertions are among the devices used to indicate where the quoted material departs from the source.
Many of the nation's smaller papers have their own advantage-they're the only news source in town-and many are thriving.
We know that the world oil market is unified because there is a single price of crude oil that holds no matter what the source.
Glucose is the brain's main source of fuel and provides critical energy for the cells.
Rather, perseverance through imprisonment is a source of pride for its members.
Definition of source, possibly with links to more information and implementations.
Before you can resolve an interference problem you must isolate the actual interference source.

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