soulful in a sentence

Example sentences for soulful

Between bad vibes and the threat of injury, the soulful aspect of surfing disappears.
Warm, colorful restaurant serves soulful food from around the world.
After your stay, you'll leave with the kind of insight only soulful places can provide.
Far from being the grave and soulful songbird which his gleeful enemies used to lampoon.
The cemetery itself is a quiet, soulful place-it's really got atmosphere.
He said that is was so soulful that he wanted to give the music an opportunity to stand on its own merit.
He has soulful eyes, a winning personality and a body that people want to hug.
Songs range from foot stomping jigs to soulful ballads.
It turned its head and stared down at me with soulful chocolate eyes.
And the songs that were sung varied from high energy to soulful, exciting to sad.
Its soulful, lemon-yellow eyes seem only half open, which only enhances its peaceful image.
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