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You'll find the same seclusion the stars sought on this typically uncrowded stretch.
Gays sought the right not to be discriminated against in the workplace.
They sought the right not to be treated differently in the military.
Not long ago, a major public research university sought a new president to follow its revered and nationally known leader.
In my five years in elementary education, some of my students and their parents sought my help for various personal challenges.
When she sued, alleging violations of her free-speech and due-process rights, she sought the degree in education.
Affluent quilt-makers sought the finest of these calicoes and chintzes to sew into lavish bedcovers.
Automats, moreover, always sought to offer the widest possible variety of culinary choices.
Other climbers sought challenge in climbing techniques.
With such wild stories about the origins of spices, it was no wonder that they were so expensive and sought-after.
Gradually, he sought safety in the brotherhood of gangsters.
Bankers hurried in, miners claimed stakes, investors sought capital in distant cities and surveyors laid out a town nearby.
More important, he endlessly sought ways to take the killing drudgery out of factory work.
Harry's body was now what it had sought to become all of his life: pure bone.
It sought to punish employers who thrived by exploiting their workers.
Beginning in the universities, many of them sought ways to accept gender differences without sacrificing equality.
The older kind sought to regulate how, where, and by whom firearms could be carried.
Populists sought to ensure that this land went to small farmers rather than large landowners or speculators.
He sought no one's approval and was afraid of nothing.
In fact, he used precisely the same pitch when he first sought the office.
She almost always grasped whatever she sought, but with some fracture of grammar and dictionary on the way.
Colleagues no longer sought him out for collaboration.
All the old power and erudition were shown in the notes in which the editor sought to justify his innovations.
Some have been reflective and instructive, while others have sought to challenge and inspire.
But the simple, self-distrusting mind of the scholar and writer wished to make no pose, and sought after no display.
The romantic poets eagerly sought to supersede this convention by vivid, appropriate words.
The effect sought after is a cramped space in the bowels of a ship, imprisoned by white steel.
His chief originality is, of course, to be sought in his poetry of nature.
As regards the spirit of the whole, it must be sought above all in the moral purpose of the work.
It has sought out computing experts, mathematicians, programmers and statisticians.
What it sought was a reliable way of measuring popularity to ensure that advertisers were paying enough.
During that case the paper admitted it had not sought comment from him prior to publication, lest he seek a gagging order.
In terms of individual occupations, plant and machine operators are increasingly sought-after.
People have, therefore, always sought to control them.
Although there is no proven evidence that anyone involved sought to oust him, he has called the event an attempted coup.
Facing a liquidity crisis, management sought a buyer.
But as companies push their business into ever more remote locales, so they have sought protection against more exotic risks.
As their flock has grown, evangelical pastors have sought political power, being elected to local and national office.
But last year, as governments sought to cut deficits, they increased.
So, unless they are lying about their symptoms, the cause of those symptoms needs to be sought elsewhere.
Each sought to wound the other's pride, but their sweet fluting pierced only the evening silence.
The inquiry did not prove to be the full exoneration he sought and which he continued to seek for the remainder of his life.
Advice from indigenous and traditional leaders and experience confirms that authority must be sought and gained at a local level.
Besides the usual spoils of war, the conquerors sought human captives, which were essential for a king to maintain power.
Sometimes couples sought privacy behind rocks or monuments.
Doctors have long sought a way to precisely target tumors with their chemical therapies.
Scientists have long sought to build lasers from silicon.
As long as there have been mice, people have sought a better mousetrap.
Scientists have long sought such a stiff-leafed rice plant, believing that it would raise grain yields.
Consider the melting of snow in both the sought and north poles.
She deliberately sought, and got, the widest possible reach.
Scientists have long sought to understand the biological basis of thought.
So some researchers have sought other lines of evidence.
Since calcium channels are only found in heart and brain tissue, the researchers sought a drug approved to block these pathways.
Creativity is a sought-after commodity among employers and those seeking personal or professional fulfillment.
Scientists studying these diseases have sought a research animal with both human liver cells and a human immune system.
He surrounded himself with family and friends, watched numerous comedy films and sought out positive affirmations.
For decades, companies and space agencies have sought to develop launch vehicles that can be reused.
These dynamics are thought to be crucial to learning and memory, and they are what the researchers sought to mimic in silicon.
On the one hand, it appears as though the long sought after data services are finally resonating with consumers.
Honda sought to extend how far the laminar flow extends along the fuselage and the wing.
Scientists have long sought to mimic the chemical perfection of a spider's web.
For centuries, mathematicians have sought unsuccessfully to find a pattern to their distribution.
One set of studies sought to determine the shape of the universe by considering the density of matter in it.
Scientists have long sought a connection between intelligence and some structure in the brain.
Using a couple of spectroscopy techniques, the team sought to learn how the charged mosaics emerged.
Since being diagnosed, she's joined an online support group and sought genetic counseling.
Conventional words or other signs have to be sought for laboriously only in a secondary stage.
The legal question was never sought nor been answered.
She snapped at anyone who sought her failing attention.
Solutions to this problem have been sought, and found, for decades now.
Advice that is useful for only a tiny number of people, but extremely useful for them, is certainly sought.
Rhetorically, his speech sought to bind those wounds by binding us together.
And lovers sought the dim heights of the third balcony-the paradise-away from the probing lorgnettes.
Traditionally, legislators sought to balance competing interests.
But today is the next step toward a change that he has sought for years.
He quickly however found himself hearing from real people with real problems who sought him out for help.
Alienation, in effect, was a rung by which artists sought to climb the social ladder.
He also sought to perpetuate that appeal for posterity.
Some have sought to demonstrate a general principle, such as anarchism.
Elvis would never find the answers he sought, though, because he was looking in the wrong place.
He was sentenced to five and a half years in prison, far less than the life sentence military prosecutors had long sought.
No more of the letter is sought to be used as evidence than relates to the accused.
He has sought and achieved success rather than celebrity.
Otherwise staid news organizations sought to outdo each other in the race for celebrity guests.
In an effort to avoid the same old variety-show tropes, he says, he sought out fresh talent.
On the show, the characters are being sought out for their dance powers.
It is possible that in order to minimize those, he might have sought offshore tax advice and considered offshore tax havens.

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