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And that so much of my job is to impose some sort of order, or make some sort of sense of it.
Both discuss how a sort of algorithm revolution is changing online dating.
Literary translation is an odd sort of art, if it can be called an art at all.
It's that sort of behavior that has earned them such enmity.
Their world would be turned upside down, it's sort of understandable.
Here is the sort of thing her blessed shade inspires.
Sort of, if the communication is learned rather than innate, researchers say.
Despite this missing fragments, however, it is clear what sort of dinosaur it was.
During ebb, it gets stuck up because of any sort of garbage that might come floating in with high tide.
It's a sort of halfway house between captivity and reintroduction.
Where you have before samples, after samples, sort of reference areas and then impact areas.
Those bars have seldom more to offer than one sort of rum and a cheep brand of cigarettes.
Most insects, however, fall into a sort of deep sleep and wait for warmer weather to arrive.
If one cannot live without the other, some sort of accommodations will be made.
We're not really paying the true price of what it costs to produce items and that's sort of the unfairness of globalization.
All the examples here bring to mind the same sort of simple explanations.
All the more reason why they should be working fervently on creating some sort of gravity in space.
Unless the reader has some sort of in-depth education on space science, it is a poorly written article.
It is true that it is often given alone, as a sort of compendium of all the others.
They were communists who abjured every sort of fleshly indulgence.
He gropes, also, after some sort of organic unity which shall make his play more than a series of incidents.
In the seventeenth century the conditions of colonial life were not propitious to any sort of writing, humorous or other.
Every sort of legislative, judicial, or executory power are its creatures.
They are also linked in both being the sort of events climate scientists predict more of in a warming world.
They dictate who may offer what sort of service, the charges allowed for professionals and how they may advertise.
Many countries are undergoing that sort of transition now, and therefore urbanisation is accelerating.
The particular way each vine climbs determines what sort of support you'll need to provide.
Before the home's stone wainscotting looked sort of tacked on against that stark white paint.
Pole beans, peas, and indeterminate tomatoes also need to be trained on some sort of structure.
We have always tried our best to line our wooden veggie bed walls with some sort of barrier in case of chemical leeching.
The concerns about the effectiveness of this sort of system are, in my view, well founded.
Some sort of energy storage will be necessary if these renewable sources are to ever supply a large portion of our electricity.
The car performed well on the safety test, and was set out in a sort of graveyard for crash-tested cars.
Your concern is now strontium, cesium and this sort of isotopes.
He's also exploring how to use the sensors in smart phones to cue up exactly the sort of music someone is in the mood for.
In the mineral vernacular they would be regarded as sort of high-grade gold mines.
Yet, we've got a long way to go before wave power makes any sort of dent in our need for fossil fuels.
Given today's technology, this sort of experiment could have been much more detailed and powerful.
Current processors and computer systems are not built for this sort of determinism, but it can be done.
Scientists generally conceive of aging as a sort of cellular wear and tear.
Because that's sort of another piece of glue that can keep everybody together.
It is a sort of masterpiece-an adventure in cultural history.
She is a sort of superwoman enacting the ideal escape from reality.
Any possible universe could be explained as the work of some sort of designer.
It is also, notice, perfectly true in a fuzzy sort of way.
What mattered was that attractive promises could be handed around without any sort of firm commitment being made.
Our friendship, a sort of hydroponic plant, flourished in the air.
For a time it is possible to keep some sort of grip on reality.
What happens then is that pressure creates a sort of mini earthquake under the ground.
Nary a meal goes by without some sort of porky element, and we're all the better because of it.
They had been known in a pinch to make do with her priceless spinet or to use her fragile étagère as a sort of shooting stick.
My aim is not to slap some sort of gastronomic restraining order on chefs intent upon experimentation.
Dessert ended up as sort of a chilled chocolate soup.
The festival cleverly practices the same sort of calculated exhibitionism.
All across the world, the sort of culture you live in has something to do with the ecosystem around it.
The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin, which provides a sort of barrier against the environment.
What's more, energy tends to dissipate through open space, making this sort of power transfer extremely inefficient.
We have all this data taken from the scene of some sort of event, and have to piece together what happened.
Old debates have a tendency of dying down and achieving some sort of resolution.
Apparently he views this as some sort of smoking gun.
Of course, not all people feel the same sort of moral anguish.
What was needed, as it turns out, was the sort of cheap computer power that is now taken for granted.
We are looking into a sort of sea cave, shining with internal color.
Every once in awhile he'd pull some sort of a stunt.
But the dress also had a sort of casual feel to it, because it was jersey.
He didn't know how many roommates he'd have, or what sort of roommates they might be, or what kind of music that was.
It sort of re-awakens their cause and their argument.
It's vague, open-ended, and exactly the sort of empty talking point that coarsens and dumbs down national discourse.
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