sorrowful in a sentence

Example sentences for sorrowful

There was a sorrowful embrace between the president's brother and his widow.
We are left with a sorrowful sense of wrong turnings taken, never to be retraced.
Not that sorrowful image of them being retired on the tarmac and grounded forever.
He said it was a false representation of him-he didn't want to be portrayed as a sorrowful character.
There is no cure, of course, and each family's fight is an often-frustrating and sorrowful emotional journey.
And when they had drunk the wine their sorrowful memories went from them, and they spoke to each other without regretfulness.
Of nearly all the songs, however, the music is distinctly sorrowful.
Be thou anxious now and sorrowful for thy sins, that in the day of judgment thou mayest have boldness with the blessed.
To these crocodile tears they will add sobs, fiery sighs, and sorrowful countenance.
She was bowed down by no especial grief, and rather solemn than sorrowful.
The ceremony was simple, and the mood was sorrowful but reconciliatory.
Upon reading her husband's sorrowful words, she dashed off to see him before his departure.
We have no heart this morning to express our deep feelings of sadness at this sorrowful announcement.

Famous quotes containing the word sorrowful

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